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1 Alien Runways and Hallucinogenic Cacti
The Nazca Lines of Peru are one of the world's greatest ancient mysteries. Several theories have risen as to why they were built. You may be surprised what archaeologists have come up with.
10 Q
Oct 24 06
5091 plays
2 Ahh, Those Silly Irish!
This quiz will look at prehistoric Ireland, anything predating 400 AD, to see what it tells us about human prehistory. Join me as we look at some silly Irish men and women to see what this time was like.
10 Q
Jan 15 12
2169 plays
3 Neanderthal - Knuckle-dragger or Stand-Up Guy?
When most people think of Neanderthal, they picture an unintelligent, hairy brute who wrestles dinosaurs. Ongoing research has taught us that these ideas are more the product of Hollywood than of science. This quiz should clear up some misconceptions.
10 Q
Jul 26 08
3441 plays
4 The Origins of Man
The evolution of man is a controversial topic to this very day. Even the experts do not always agree, but they study the evidence and try to form educated assumptions.
10 Q
Oct 28 09
2367 plays
5 Those Natty Neanderthals!
If Neanderthals were alive today and dressed in modern clothes, would they differ greatly from modern humans?
10 Q
Mar 05 15
288 plays
6 Human Prehistory
While most of us know plenty about human history, what do we know about prehistory? Let's discover a little more about our primitive ancestors in this quiz ... best of luck.
10 Q
Jun 16 04
8700 plays
7 Skull Diggery!
My team of paleoanthropologists has uncovered a skull at our dig site. Will it belong to an hominid or a human? Can you help us classify it?
10 Q
Mar 09 15
228 plays
8 Neolithic Age: The Best of Times? Or the Worst?
The Neolithic Revolution dramatically changed life. However, was all the change positive?
10 Q
Mar 11 15
261 plays
9 Britain Before the Days of Writing
A quiz on British pre-history.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jun 08 05
3249 plays
10 Who or what was Otzi?
If you don't know, I think it's time you did!
10 Q
Jun 24 14
318 plays
11 "Lucy" in the Sky with Diamonds
"...At some point during that unforgettable evening--I no longer remember when--the new fossil picked up the name of Lucy".
10 Q
Mar 02 15
246 plays
12 The Neolithic Revolution
The term "revolution" is defined in part as any radical and pervasive change in society. Why was the Neolithic Revolution a major turning point in human history?
10 Q
Mar 01 15
264 plays
13 Prehistory II: Fantastic Animals
Jurassic Park was famous for the animals it brought to life. The film was fun, but what do you really know about these extinct animals?
10 Q
Mar 14 08
2178 plays
14 Footprints in the Ash
First a volcano erupted. Ash covered the ground. A group of hominids walked across the area as a light rain began to fall. The rain cemented the ash into tuff, creating fossilized footprints. Over time, more ash covered and protected them.
10 Q
Mar 03 15
171 plays
15 Our World: Pre-History
During my seven years in University, I took an interest in world pre-history. This is a sample of the facts and historical content that I had derived during my time in school. Good Luck!
10 Q
Jun 10 05
4869 plays
16 Early Humans
Here's a quiz about the early humans. Enjoy :)
10 Q
May 18 08
3069 plays
17 The Prehistoric Site of Lepenski Vir
Explore this unusual and intriguing archeological site that depicts well the most important cultural transition in the human history.
10 Q
St Sava Jr.
Aug 09 12
300 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Christian Jurgensen Thomson developed his famous 'Three Age System' for subdividing human prehistory in 1806. Which of these was not an 'age' in Thomson's system?
* The last glaciation of the most recent Ice Age is sometimes referred to by the name of what river in Europe?
* Which of these individuals first identified a member of the early hominid species known as Australopithecus?
* The earliest evidence of toolmaking was found at a site on the east side of Lake Turkana which has been given what name?
* Eugene Dubois was a Dutch physician who set out in the 1890s to find remains of early humanoids. He located the first example of what he called 'Pithecanthropus erectus', also known as Homo erectus, on what island in 1891?

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