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1 Race and Means
This quiz attempts to take an unbiased look at the history of affirmative action in American society and politics, from the latter half of the twentieth century to 2000s. It shouldn't require any expert knowledge, though.
10 Q
Oct 10 10
1443 plays
2 Buggy Whips & Other Bygones : 1
To a "baby boomer" growing up in America, the buggy whip was the epitome of obsolescence. Anyone under the age of 45 may have trouble with this quiz about people, places and things of yesteryear.
10 Q
Jan 30 06
6237 plays
3 D B Cooper, Where Are You?
November 24, 2011 marked the fortieth anniversary of the unsolved plane hijacking by Mr D B Cooper. How much do you remember of his exploits?
10 Q
Dec 02 11
807 plays
4 From the 1970s
Things that happened in the 1970s mostly in America. How many do you recall?
10 Q
May 04 08
9588 plays
5 Buggy Whips & Other Bygones : 2
Unless you are over 45 year old, you may have difficulties with these questions about common things of yesteryear.
10 Q
Feb 16 06
7086 plays
6 Scandals That Rocked the Nation
Everyone loves a scandal, or at least reading about it in the newspaper or watching it on the news. See how many of these scandals you can identify.
10 Q
Apr 05 12
2742 plays
7 1960s: UC Berkeley
The University of California at Berkeley became a focal point of change in education, student activities, politics, civil rights, and entertainment. This quiz introduces you to some major figures and events. Which of them do you remember?
10 Q
Jul 26 09
804 plays
8 1940s All American History: 2
This is my second quiz on the decade that brought forth WWII, the atomic bomb and the birth of regular television broadcasts. Hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Jun 14 08
5013 plays
9 1950s All American History
Calling all American Baby Boomers! How much do you remember the days of poodle skirts, cars with fins and the birth of rock 'n' roll?
10 Q
Aug 13 08
5574 plays
10 Police Investigator II : Case Review
You'll start your training as a Police Investigator II by reviewing a few of the classic, high profile investigations of the late 20th century. Do you remember the facts of these page one newspaper cases?
10 Q
Apr 01 09
1281 plays
11 1930s All American History
Thanks to my grandmother for her stories of survival during the Great Depression that piqued my interest in this decade in the American experience. This quiz requires general knowledge of the US from 1930-39.
10 Q
Jan 22 08
3000 plays
12 20th Century U.S.
In which U.S. state or territory did this 20th century historical event take place?
10 Q
Jul 02 11
3543 plays
13 1940s All-American History 1
My three quizzes on the 1930s received a good response so here is the follow-up quiz which requires general knowledge of the decade that changed the focus of world power.
10 Q
May 01 08
2550 plays
14 1950s All American History 2
Calling all Baby Boomers - again! Let's see how much you know about the decade of "Loving Lucy" and "Liking Ike"!
10 Q
Aug 20 08
3849 plays
15 Symbionese Liberation Army
The Symbionese Liberation Army, or S.L.A., was an American group active in the 1970s that engaged in terrorism through guerrilla warfare for what they believed was a better society.
10 Q
Mar 26 08
867 plays
16 Incident at Oglala
The "Incident at Oglala" is based on the 1992 documentary and other public information regarding it.
10 Q
Jul 13 11
219 plays
17 Scandals That Rocked the Nation Part 2
This is a follow-up to another quiz with the same title.
10 Q
Aug 24 13
1197 plays
18 The Fifties
This quiz is based in large part on information in David Halberstam's fine book, called simply "The Fifties".
15 Q
Mar 12 10
864 plays
19 Violet Crimes
Before they became the whole rhythm section in Jailhouse Rock, the Purple Gang was one of the most notorious organized crime mobs of the Prohibition Era. Answering these ten questions will help you wow the tour guides next time you're at Graceland.
10 Q
Feb 12 13
435 plays
20 20th Century USA
Interesting trivia about 20th century America.
25 Q
Jul 24 00
15513 plays
21 Bizarre 1970s U.S. History
Archibald Cox. Muskie and the "Canuck" letter. Ellsberg's shrink. Gemstone. The pardon. Executive privilege. Butterfield's testimony. Grits & Fritz. The good old days.
10 Q
Aug 16 02
8022 plays
22 Famous American 20th Century Firsts
Do you know when certain historical events in U.S. History first occurred in the 20th century? This quiz will test that knowledge. Ready? Here we go.
15 Q
Jan 23 06
5589 plays
23 Major 20th Century American Riots
American history has no lack of violence. The 20th century had its share of urban riots. In this quiz, I will stick to the 20th century, but if it is well received, I'll do others.
10 Q
Mar 15 10
606 plays
24 Tragedy at Kent State
Test your knowledge on REAL American History and the tragedy that often comes with it.
15 Q
May 27 00
3324 plays
25 20th Century U.S. : One Question per Decade!
The 20th century had many major events. How many of them are you knowledgeable about?
10 Q
Jun 02 08
3894 plays
26 America in the Roaring Twenties
This is about all the fun stuff that happened in America just before the Great Depression. Come along, as we learn about the "roaring" decade.
10 Q
Mar 03 10
1119 plays
27 History of the United States of America Part 3
This quiz covers U.S. history from the early 1900's.
10 Q
Jun 19 14
678 plays
28 Important Dates in American History
This will be my second time travel quiz. These events may be a little more obscure than my easy history quiz, so this time you only need to know the year of the event.
10 Q
Sep 18 09
1626 plays
29 OMG! It's Hells Angels (U.S)
The FBI calls the Hells Angels an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG). An aspect of American culture often romanticized, they are mysterious and dangerous. If you see a group of them thundering down the highway, it will send chills down your spine!
10 Q
Apr 06 10
531 plays
30 The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing
In 1963, The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabamba, was bombed by a KKK breakaway group.
10 Q
Mar 30 08
603 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* On what day did the Kent State shootings take place?
* Who was NOT one of the students that died at KSU?
* What caused the outrages by students at the Kent State campus earlier that weekend?
* What building did some students from KSU burn down on Saturday of that weekend?
* What did some of the students do with a copy of the Constitution?

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