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American English v. British English
and Australian English

Two (or three!) countries divided by a common language.

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1 The Foggiest Notion
This is a quiz about some reasonably common British terms that sometimes leave other English speakers in the fog. They are taken from newspapers, broadcasts and contemporary books. I'll give the North American equivalent. Good luck!
15 Q
Aug 03 03
8361 plays
2 Speaking British
The concept is simple: I give you a word used by the British, and you give me the American equivalent. While most A-Z quizzes start at A, I, being somewhat contrary, am starting with Z.
25 Q
Jan 02 10
3363 plays
3 You say Tomato . . .
Are you bilingual? Each answer in this quiz is two-fold - you must chose the pair of words which answer the definition (the correct pair mean exactly the same thing) - one from each side of the Atlantic!
25 Q
Oct 05 02
15024 plays
4 Return of the Foggiest Notion
Here are some more British English expressions used in everyday life, the press, television and novels that sometimes mystify the rest of us. I'll give the North American equivalent. Good luck!
15 Q
Apr 13 04
4191 plays
5 Divided by Language
England and America are two countries separated by the same language. I will give you the English word, you choose the American description.
20 Q
Apr 15 01
6903 plays
6 British English And American English
For students of English who are neither British nor American it's often confusing to be told: this is British ('BE' in this quiz)..this is American ('AE' in this quiz). This quiz is an attempt to tell the two apart. Always use the most British option.
10 Q
Jan 27 02
8268 plays
7 Britspeak
Shaw called England and America two countries separated by the same language. This quiz will show it's really different idioms to blame!
20 Q
Apr 01 01
5331 plays
8 American English vs. British English
It's hard to draw a precise line between AE and BE, but there are definitely cases where the vocabulary of the two languages diverges. For reasons of fair play the quiz tries to strike a balance between AE- and BE-centred questions .
10 Q
Feb 05 03
5298 plays
9 English Varieties: Britain and US
Terms for everyday items are often different, depending on whether one is in England or the United States. Following is a quiz covering such words or phrases.
10 Q
Mar 14 01
5427 plays
10 British Terms
This quiz is a mixture of straight forward British v American words and British phrases that probably sound weird to Americans! This will be easy if you are British.
10 Q
Apr 21 04
5478 plays
11 Transatlantic Mutations
Many British words do not cross over to USA or vice versa at least not in same meaning. Just see how 'bilingual' you really are. Hints should keep you on track.
10 Q
Feb 08 02
1791 plays
12 Divided by a Common Language
Someone (Oscar Wilde? George Bernard Shaw? Dylan Thomas?) once said that England and America were two nations divided by a common language. Take the quiz and test this truism for yourself.
15 Q
Jun 08 06
1752 plays
13 British vs. American Usage
It is commonly said that England and the United States are two countries divided by a common language. This quiz compares American (i.e. U.S.) and British grammatical usage.
10 Q
May 14 04
1920 plays
14 What is the name of that car part?
We are going for a road trip in your Dad's car in America; along the way I am going to ask what some of the car parts are called in Britain.
10 Q
Apr 24 11
621 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Americans call them checkers. What do the British call them?
* The British call it duvet or an eiderdown. What do the Americans call it?
* Americans say 'do the dishes'. What is a term used more commonly in England than here in the States?
* In the US, we call them lawyers or attorneys. What are they often called by the British?
* Americans call them pantyhose. What do the British call them?

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