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1 The Eggheads Exciting Expedition
Team quiz by The Scrambled Eggheads
The Scrambled Eggheads take you on an exciting expedition of words beginning, not with eggs, but with EX. Can you define their meaning?
10 Q
Mar 13 11
1098 plays
2 Ouch! I Hurt My Head!
Head to the head of the class with this quiz concerning the uses of the word "head." Go ahead and play. I guarantee it is not over your head.
10 Q
Jul 25 09
2100 plays
3 Tea Shop or Taoiseach?
Tea Shop, Taoiseach (Irish prime minister), Bar or Barre? Each of these words or phrases relates to the world of tea drinking, Irish politics, alcohol or ballet. Can you work out which is which?
10 Q
Nov 12 10
603 plays
4 Four Letter Words
No, not swear words, just a selection of words of four letters for you to define. Just choose the definition that you think is correct. All words can be found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary.
25 Q
Jan 31 01
3825 plays
5 ...And Sometimes Y
I'll give you the definition or a description of a word that has no vowels except for 'y' and you type the word. They are all common words, and spelling counts!
10 Q
Jan 19 10
885 plays
6 Let's Play a Game of Crambo
Crambo is a centuries-old word guessing game with a focus on rhyming. Assume the role of a player deciphering which vocabulary word is being described. All vocabulary words will rhyme. Example in first question.
10 Q
Jan 25 12
387 plays
7 Funny Cide
The racehorse named Funny Cide won the Kentucky Derby in 2003. His name made me think of words ending in the suffix -cide, of which there are several. Here are just ten of them.
10 Q
Apr 20 15
198 plays
8 What Do These Words Mean?
In this quiz I will give you the definition of the word and you have to choose the correct word. Sounds easy, right?
25 Q
Aug 11 01
10986 plays
9 Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth, And Eating It
An Author Challenge by gk9760, inspired me to keep my feet firmly on the ground and pen this quiz which relates to the terminology for various eating habits. Reference is made to Good luck!
10 Q
Aug 01 09
1185 plays
10 Misunderstood Words
Can you match the definition with the correct word?
10 Q
Dec 14 12
1233 plays
11 I've Forgotten my Name!
These objects, tools, and devices have developed amnesia. They know what they do and what kinds of people use them, but they don't remember their names. Take the quiz and help them recover their lost memories.
10 Q
Jul 23 11
1371 plays
12 Killing and Killers
The English language has words that relate to killing and killers. How many of these words do you know?
10 Q
Mar 26 09
2130 plays
13 What Do They Study?
I give you the name of the profession, you choose what they study!
10 Q
Apr 22 00
5553 plays
14 It's an "L" of a Quiz
My favorite game here at Fun Trivia is Word Wizard, so I have taken it upon my self to do a word definition quiz with a little humor added. Hopefully I have done so without offending anyone.
10 Q
Aug 02 11
819 plays
15 Be Careful What You Ask For
A boating trip on the Thames sounds a delightful prospect! But first of all we need to go shopping for a few essentials, just be careful what you ask for...or face the consequences.
Very Easy
10 Q
Oct 24 14
732 plays
16 An Expedition Full of FUN!
Each of the words used throughout the following 'journey' contain the three letters 'FUN', but do you know the definition of these rarely used words?
10 Q
Jan 13 14
507 plays
17 Men Have Got a Lot to Answer For!
Yes, men have got a lot to answer for! You don't have to belong to Mensa to understand this menagerie of words beginning with MEN. Can you define their meaning?
10 Q
Mar 13 15
339 plays
18 High Five!
This test is all about words made up with five letters like "snake", "house", "brand" and the like. Think it's easy? Take the quiz to find out...
25 Q
Mar 23 07
1182 plays
19 1000 Words on Brevity
Poll lives in the Land of 1,000 Dwarves where everyone, somehow, comes up a little short. See if you can recognise some of his friends and their issues.
10 Q
Oct 06 13
426 plays
20 Malvern Vocab Quiz Lesson 1
This is Vocab Lesson 1, it applies to all the classes because we all used the same book this year. Other lessons will be soon to come, just give me some time.
Very Easy
20 Q
May 07 02
3408 plays
21 Adjectives ending in -ous
In this quiz you are served up an adjective ending in -ous. You have to choose the correct meaning from one of the four choices. Easy? Well, maybe not. Most of these adjectives aren't very common.
10 Q
Jan 26 02
4566 plays
22 Tough English Vocabulary 101
I'll give you a definition, and you match it with the words. All are multiple choice. Good luck!
15 Q
Jun 11 00
5082 plays
23 More Four Letter Words
Just choose the definition you think is correct. As with the previous quiz, all words can be found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary.
25 Q
Feb 01 01
2706 plays
24 My Way
Yes, there were times, I'm sure you knew... when I bit off more questions than I could chew. Here are ten of them, to be answered "My Way" - all words to be found here end in "-way".
10 Q
Jun 20 12
315 plays
25 Vocabulary Fun
Do you know your vocabulary? If so, you should do well on this word quiz.
10 Q
Jun 15 00
8643 plays
26 Crazy Job Descriptions
The following questions describe occupations. Some are more serious definitions, some not so. But all of the words end in -ing. Ready, set, go!
15 Q
Dec 02 00
5604 plays
27 N's Never Nonsocial
Not every word starting with the "N" sound has to start with an N. Sometimes, N is very social, and doesn't mind being the second letter of a word. Take the quiz to find out what I mean. Forgive me for the title; it had to be alliterative.
10 Q
Dec 03 11
450 plays
28 Call My Bluff 3
I again revisit the BBC quiz show 'Call My Bluff'. Two teams take it in turns to describe an obscure word, which their opponents would have to correctly identify. Only one description was the true one. Here we go again.
10 Q
Jan 06 05
954 plays
29 Good Things Don't End in -EUM
Homer Simpson asserts: "Good things don't end in -EUM, they end in -MANIA...or -TERIA." Is he right?
10 Q
Feb 12 14
300 plays
30 Unusual Adjectives
Here are 10 questions on some rather unusual adjectives. Enjoy!
10 Q
Apr 13 01
1506 plays
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* What is the correct definition of the word DEHISCE?
* What does the word MAUNDER mean?
* Choose the correct definition for SCORIA.
* What is the correct meaning of DIGITIGRADE?
* What is the definition of ENNUI?

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