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1 Life of Pi
"Believe the unbelievable." Directed by Ang Lee and based on the novel by Yann Martel, this adventure film told the extraordinary adventure of Pi. The themes of hope and spirituality were explored brilliantly through the stunning CGI and visual effects.
10 Q
Dec 04 12
195 plays
2 Little Lord Fauntleroy
One of the classic children's films of all-time, it was first put to film in 1936. This quiz particularly focuses on this first film version, an absolute gem!
10 Q
Feb 03 07
348 plays
3 Is Your "Lucky Number Slevin"?
I can't believe no one has written a quiz on this great movie yet! This quiz is all about the characters and scenarios of "Lucky Number Slevin".
10 Q
Feb 25 09
402 plays
4 Lord of War
This is an engaging, humorous, thought-provoking movie about arms dealing with Nicolas Cage from 2005. If you saw this film, I hope you enjoy this quiz.
10 Q
Jul 11 07
831 plays
5 The Love Bug
This quiz is about that "Loveable Bug" Herbie! This classic Disney movie starred Dean Jones, Michele Lee, and the late Buddy Hackett. Take the quiz and see if you find Herbie as loveable as I did! Some questions may come from the Special Features DVD.
10 Q
Mar 15 06
366 plays
6 Little Big League
This quiz is about the 1994 baseball comedy film starring Luke Edwards, Kevin Dunn, Ashley Crow and Timothy Busfield.
10 Q
Jul 30 14
99 plays
7 The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
This film charts the lives and careers of two army officers at a time when the idea of a code of chivalry in warfare was rapidly disappearing. Some knowledge of the production will also prove beneficial.
15 Q
Jan 21 15
93 plays
8 The Long Kiss Goodnight
This is a quiz about 'The Long Kiss Goodnight' a cool chick-saves-the-world flick. If you have seen the film, then the answers should not be too difficult. This is my first quiz, so any feedback would be helpful. Hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
Apr 22 01
1122 plays
9 The Longest Yard
Hey! "The Longest Yard" is the best movie ever! Here are some basic questions on the movie.
10 Q
Jan 05 06
3477 plays
10 Local Hero
A great wee Scottish film. Hope this quiz takes you back! The questions shouldn't be too hard if you enjoyed the film.
10 Q
Jul 08 03
363 plays
11 Are you a "Little Rascal"?
I'm a die hard "Little Rascals" fan. Are you?
10 Q
Jul 08 08
684 plays
12 The Lion in Winter
"The Lion in Winter" is the perfect dysfunctional-family film. See if you can answer some questions about this classic.
15 Q
Jun 03 03
507 plays
13 The Little Vampire
It's a fun little Halloween movie.
10 Q
Oct 21 07
534 plays
14 The Long Riders
A great docu-drama about the James Gang. See how well you do.
10 Q
May 11 01
279 plays
15 The Few, the Proud, "The Losers"
Here is a little quiz about the movie the 2010 movie "The Losers".
10 Q
Jul 31 12
96 plays
16 Love Jones
This has to be one of the best romance movies of all time. If you agree, take this challenging quiz.
10 Q
Jun 03 03
456 plays
17 Who Played Me in "Losing Isaiah"?
In this quiz, I will describe a character from the movie, "Losing Isaiah", and you tell me who played him or her. Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 22 11
147 plays
18 Loving Annabelle
I loved this movie and noticed there were no quizzes about it, so...
10 Q
Jun 15 07
231 plays
19 The Lives of Others
This quiz is about an amazing movie I saw recently called "The Lives of Others" (Das Leben der Anderen). If you haven't seen it then I definitely recommend it! Have fun! WARNING: Contains spoilers!
15 Q
Mar 04 07
207 plays
20 The Longest Yard (2005)
One of the best football movies ever, starring Adam Sandler.
10 Q
Dec 10 14
147 plays
21 "Little Big League" Characters
This quiz is about the characters who appear throughout "Little Big League".
10 Q
Aug 25 11
126 plays
22 The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
These questions come from the animated movie of the first book in "The Chronicles of Narnia", "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".
10 Q
Jan 29 03
1848 plays
23 Little Children
Welcome to my quiz on "Little Children". This movie has a good story and it's very well done. Kate Winslet turns it into a must see.
10 Q
Jun 20 07
432 plays
24 Little Ashes
This quiz is about the movie "Little Ashes," a movie about the relationship between Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca. If you loved the movie as much as I did, I hope you will enjoy this quiz as well.
10 Q
May 27 10
96 plays
25 Love Stinks
This movie was so funny! I had to make up a quiz because nobody else has!
10 Q
Jan 21 02
522 plays
26 "Love Happens" (2009) Doesn't It?
I happen to be in love with Aaron Eckhart from afar. I say I don't like romantic comedies but I really do. Jennifer Aniston was great in this movie.
10 Q
Mar 07 10
168 plays
27 "Little Voice" the Movie
Here is a quiz on the movie "Little Voice". It contains a little other info on the original stageplay and the cast.
15 Q
Apr 12 03
399 plays
28 Love Don't Cost a Thing
This is a quiz over the movie "Love Don't Cost a Thing".
10 Q
Jul 07 08
459 plays
29 Lianna
After years of not being available, this wonderful 1983 movie about a lesbian love affair has finally been released on DVD.
10 Q
Jan 12 04
186 plays
30 The Little Rascals
This quiz is based on the hilarious motion picture hit of the '90s, "The Little Rascals". This is the only movie I can get my two year old to actually sit down and watch. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jul 19 13
195 plays
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This is category 13081
Last Updated May 05 15 10:01 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Which holiday is being celebrated at the start of the film?
* Why does Samantha Caine say that she was born 8 years ago?
* Who starred as Mitch Henessey?
* What is Mitch's actual job?
* While on the run with Mitch, what does Samantha find in the bottom of her suitcase which finally convinces her of her other identity?

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