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There's something just a little bit wrong with these lyrics ... but you'll enjoy the quizzes anyway!
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1 The Walkman on the Bus
On the bus I travel home on in the evenings, there's usually an annoying man listening to a Sony Walkman. Occasionally he joins in, singing along with a tuneless voice which everyone but him can hear. Can you identify what songs he's singing?
10 Q
Mar 13 02
20199 plays
2 Have Fun with Misheard Lyrics 2
I have so much fun with misheard lyrics that I've decided to do more quizzes on the same topic. This is the second in my "Have Fun with Misheard Lyrics" series. With one exception, the songs in this quiz are from the 1960s and 1970s.
10 Q
Oct 18 07
9396 plays
3 To Latvia and Back - Found in Translation
Lyrics English -> Latvian -> English using an online translator...Easy target? Probably. Original idea? Absolutely not. Funny? Darn tootin'! No obscure songs appear in this quiz, and no Latvians were harmed in its production.
10 Q
Jun 12 09
1119 plays
4 Have Fun with Misheard Lyrics
I've had so much fun taking the quizzes on misheard lyrics that I decided to do one of my own. The songs in this quiz are from the 1970s, with one exception.
10 Q
Oct 10 07
8802 plays
5 Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds
How embarrassing! I've just sung the wrong lyrics in a loud voice in front of all my friends. they're laughing at me. What was I really meant to sing?
10 Q
Dec 31 11
2556 plays
6 "Mondegreens" - Misheard Lyrics 101
Misheard lyrics, also known as "Mondegreens," can be hilarious! I must admit I myself have been guilty of many of the mondegreens in this quiz!
10 Q
Oct 22 07
7149 plays
7 Rock 'n Roll "Translationology"
Welcome to my fifth class, "Rockin' Translations 101". I've taken the lyrics of 15 classic rock tunes, translated them into another language, and then translated the results back to English again. Simply name the song. Have fun!
15 Q
Aug 12 08
3495 plays
8 Secret Asian Man
Here's one for all of you who are certain you know the lyrics...until you realize they're only in your head. Enjoy the quiz and "excuse me while I kiss this guy".
10 Q
Sep 06 09
2880 plays
9 Misunderstood Song Lyrics - Oldies
Have you ever found yourself cruising in your car, wailing along with the radio and singing the wrong lyrics? This quiz might help.
10 Q
Apr 21 05
8037 plays
10 Say What? Misheard Lyrics
Many lyrics are not what they sound like. Here are several lyrics to songs that have been mistaken for other lyrics. Good luck.
10 Q
Jan 23 07
7851 plays
11 My bunny lies over the ocean
Mondegreens (misheard lyrics) can be really embarrassing when sung at the top of your voice. My funny friend, Fenella, frequently finds herself in lyric limbo at karaoke. Can you help out her with the correct lyrics?
10 Q
Jun 05 12
1122 plays
12 'What Did They Just Sing?'-Misunderstood Lyrics
No not misheard lyrics but misunderstood lyrics. Here are some lyrics and songs that may have caused at least some confusion when they first crossed the Atlantic. A mixed bag of questions, name the song, name the artist, spot the definition etc, enjoy.
10 Q
Jul 15 07
4455 plays
13 I Misunderstood That!
Everyone has misunderstood a lyric once or twice in their lifetime. Can you help these ten people understand the correct lyric to the song they are listening to?
10 Q
Mar 18 06
9912 plays
14 Beelzebub has a Devil for a Sideboard
I used to sing along confidently to these songs before it was pointed out to me that I was singing the wrong words. The following lines are the wrong words that I sang, you have to tell me which song they came from, or what the right lyrics are. Enjoy.
10 Q
Sep 12 08
2694 plays
15 Mis-Heard Lyrics
These are just a few of many mis-heard song lyrics that I have heard and sang. Hopefully they make you laugh as much as I did when you realise what the correct lines are.
10 Q
Dec 11 12
831 plays
16 Songs Flubbed by the Fandangle Family
We all remember the good old songs of yesteryear, but can you sort out what the song titles should have been before the Fandangle family inadvertently messed them up?
Very Easy
10 Q
Mar 31 11
858 plays
17 The Walkman on the Bus Quiz 3
Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman on the bus?
10 Q
Apr 30 02
9876 plays
18 Trolling in the Deep
A little quiz about what you thought you heard versus what was really said. I will give you both versions of the lyrics, you tell me the name of the artist.
10 Q
Aug 17 12
651 plays
19 Twisted Lyrics
You've been singing it that way all your life, now find out the real lyrics. Have fun!
10 Q
Jul 20 03
13275 plays
20 The Walkman on the Bus Quiz 5
Back for the 5th time. Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman on the bus?
10 Q
Jun 07 02
4056 plays
21 The Walkman on the Train Quiz
Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman on a train? (exactly the same as the 'Walkman on the Bus' Quiz, but, for no apparent reason, on a train).
10 Q
May 16 02
6429 plays
22 Heavy Metal Misheards: Part Three!
Yet another quiz on misheard heavy metal lyrics. Enjoy.
10 Q
C.A Gumby
Oct 06 08
543 plays
23 It Sounds Like...Misunderstood Lyrics
In this quiz, I will give you a portion of a lyric that is commonly misunderstood as as stating something else. You will have to identify the artist that performs the tune.
10 Q
Feb 17 06
3276 plays
24 Heavy Metal Misheards
There are some great heavy metal hits out there, but a lot of people don't pick up all the lyrics. So it is up to you to figure out what is actually being said.
10 Q
C.A Gumby
Dec 09 07
1146 plays
25 What Was That?: Musical Mistakes and Oddities
Every artist must take steps to record their music. Sometimes they'll leave a microphone open during technical difficulties, or just blurt whatever pops into their head. The public gets stuck with the results. Enjoy this quiz on notable music bloopers.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Mar 16 07
2049 plays
26 The Walkman on the Bus Quiz 29
The quiz that refused to die. Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman on a bus?
10 Q
Sep 20 02
6174 plays
27 The Walkman on the Bus Quiz 63
Back like a bad penny. Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman on a bus?
10 Q
Nov 29 02
3093 plays
28 The Walkman/Jogging Quiz
Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman while out jogging?
10 Q
Jun 27 02
3357 plays
29 Heavy Metal Misheards Part Two
This is another quiz just like of my first quiz in this category, Heavy Metal Misheards.
10 Q
C.A Gumby
Jun 17 08
528 plays
30 That's Not Quite Right
These lyrics are from Country songs... kind of. One line of the lyrics is not right. Say which line is wrong and the what correct line is.
10 Q
Jun 10 12
303 plays
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* Uma loves Seal and her favorite song is "Crazy", but she can never understand one of the lyrics. Her version is "We're never gonna survive homelessness, we get a little crazy." What is the real lyric?
* 'Mmmm mmm, da da ... motor running ... la la la la ... highway ...'
* 'da da da ... filled with pain ... la la ... come back again ...'
* 'Da da ... horses ... waaaaaah ... waaaaah'
* 'la la la ... stars ... la la la ... shine for you ... la la la ... things you do ...'

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