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Tori Amos is an accomplished singer and pianist. These quizzes are all about this musical pioneer!

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1 Boys in Tori Amos Songs
This is a quiz about the boys names mentioned in the lyrics of Tori Amos songs, as well as some of the boys she has worked with. It covers her music from 1991 to 2007, including b-sides and some obscure non-album tracks.
10 Q
Dec 09 07
417 plays
2 The Tori Rainbow
Ever notice how often Tori sings about colors? Hope you've been paying attention, because here's a quiz about those lines.
25 Q
Aug 22 03
1059 plays
3 Tori Amos Lyrical Geography
Tori Amos takes you places you've only dreamed of with her mind-blowing compositions and lyrical landscapes. See how well you know the geography in Tori's lyrics! Choose which geographical location belongs in the blank.
10 Q
Aug 12 03
762 plays
4 Tori Amos- Little Earthquakes
This quiz is all about Tori's amazing first album, 'Little Earthquakes'.
10 Q
Oct 05 05
882 plays
5 Tori Songs
I'll give you the lyrics of a Tori Amos song and you tell me which song it's from. There are songs from each of her albums. Good luck!
20 Q
Jul 22 01
2547 plays
6 Toriphile Lyrical Quiz
Here are some lyrics from the greatest artist ever, Tori Amos. All you have to do is name the song. If you're as much of a die-hard Tori fan as I am, these should be semi-easy.
15 Q
Feb 21 03
705 plays
7 Tori Amos Lyrics
Are you an ear with feet who's familiar with the work of Tori Amos? Test your knowledge of the 'Word of the Goddess' with this quiz.
15 Q
Jul 24 00
2352 plays
8 The Goddess Tori Amos
Tori Amos is not only one of the most gifted musicians of our time, she has one of the most devoted fan bases. Let's see what kind of Tori-phile you are by taking the quiz below.
10 Q
Jan 11 01
1605 plays
9 Tori Amos- 'Under The Pink'
This quiz is all about Tori's incredible second album 'Under The Pink'!
10 Q
Feb 11 06
519 plays
10 What Did Tori Just Say?
Say what? Sometimes Tori Amos jumbles her lyrics in a way that's hard to understand, but if you know Tori's lyrics, this quiz should be fairly simple. I'll give you a line or two of the song- all you have to do is pick which lyric comes next. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 20 01
1590 plays
11 Tori Amos Songs
You must find the songs! Those lyrics are taken from all her albums. If you are a Tori Amos fan it will be pretty easy! Good luck!
15 Q
Jul 18 02
1320 plays
12 Tori Amos Lyrics
I will give you a Tori Amos quote, you tell me the song. There's also one or two questions about soundtracks, cover versions etc. Enjoy!
10 Q
Apr 11 02
1293 plays
13 Tori Amos Lyrics
This is yet another quiz on Tori Amos lyrics. It will contain both questions about tracks on her major albums as well as B-sides. Have fun!
20 Q
Aug 13 02
783 plays
14 Tori Amos
This quiz will be found easy by die hard Tori Amos fans, but I wanted to honor the goddess.
15 Q
Jun 29 01
1005 plays
15 The Beekeeper Era
In 2005, Tori Amos put out 'The Beekeeper', her ninth studio release. This quiz is about things on and around the album.
10 Q
Nov 21 05
279 plays
16 Tori Amos
Match the lyrics to the song!
10 Q
Jan 08 02
1266 plays
17 Tori B-sides and more
This quiz contains questions about Tori Amos B-sides and a couple from her "Y Cant Tori Read" days. If you are the diehard Tori fan that I am this quiz should be no problem for you. Enjoy!
20 Q
Dec 23 03
420 plays
18 Tori Amos Lyrics
Do you like Tori Amos? Do you like her songs? Well take this trivia and we'll test you to see how well you know her lyrics!
10 Q
Dec 05 00
1128 plays
19 Some Tori Amos Lyrics
These are some of my favorite Tori lyrics. I'll list lyrics. Fill in the song title or next line as designated. This is my first one, so please send feedback! Thanks and Enjoy!
15 Q
Oct 23 01
1005 plays
20 You Only Wish You Were This Cool
Here is a list of 10 questions that proves Tori Amos is the coolest person on the planet.
10 Q
Aug 21 04
432 plays
21 People in Tori Amos songs
Tori uses proper names of people often in her songs. Can you identify who Tori is talking about?
10 Q
Mar 25 05
489 plays
22 Tori Lyrics! Come Running!
Here are some questions about the Goddess Tori Amos' music. Figure it out (she's a good time fella..) and answer the question. Enjoy, kids.
10 Q
Nov 10 02
786 plays
23 Who Is Tori Talking About?
Tori Amos always has something to say in her songs. This quiz is about some of the names that have come up in her lyrics.
10 Q
Apr 02 03
834 plays
24 Tori Asks, You Answer
Here's the deal, my children: I give you a question Tori has asked in one of her songs, and you name the song or the answer. It's very simple, and rather fun, too. Enjoy. :)
10 Q
Nov 28 02
1326 plays
This is category 1611
Last Updated Aug 20 14 10:49 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* From what song does this lyric originate: 'They say confucious does his crossword with a pen I'm still the angel to a girl who hates to sin'?
* Complete this 'liquid' lyric: 'Calling for my soul at the corner of the world I know she's ______ with the rest of the stragglers'
* Complete this lyric with the title of the song containing this lyric: I've cried ____ and if it seems I'm floating in the darkness Well I can't believe that I would keep you from flying'
* Name the song contains this lyric: 'I've been in the soul quake happened here in a glass world Particle by particle she slowly changes She likes hanging chinese paper cuts just another fix'
* Name the Tori favorite contains this lyric: 'I got 25 bucks and a cracker Do you think it's enough to get us there'

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