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1 10 Famous People Who Were Slaves
Despite their miserable luck of having been born or captured into slavery, all of these individuals were able to make a mark on history either while enslaved or after having gained freedom. Please enjoy and hopefully learn!
10 Q
Jun 23 02
7509 plays
2 Famous and Infamous Patients
It is often the case that historical events are influenced by the state of health of the famous character in question. The source of information for this quiz is a series of books by Dr James Leavesley, a medical historian.
10 Q
Jul 11 02
8316 plays
3 Mental Illness in History
Surely you've heard historical figures described as "So-and-So the Mad", but which mental illness were they really suffering from? Take this quiz to find out.
10 Q
Jun 21 03
13344 plays
4 The Skeleton in My Closet
Here are a few questions about celebrities who have caused the death of another human being. Some were accidents and some were not. Some may surprise you ... and some may not.
10 Q
Aug 24 11
2046 plays
5 And That's Why the Chicken Crossed the Road
This quiz asks about how some of the greatest minds would have answered the question 'Why did the Chicken Cross the Road?'
10 Q
Feb 27 10
1797 plays
6 Legends or Legendary People
Were the following ten people legendary in what they actually achieved - or simply people with legends built up around them? Heroes or anti-heroes? You decide.
10 Q
Mar 02 14
885 plays
7 Fragrant People
There is a long tradition of naming flowers, especially roses, for famous people. Can you guess who has had a rose named for them from the clues?
10 Q
Mar 30 09
1980 plays
8 Immortality Thrust Upon Them
It's one thing to be named for a famous object or event ... but what if that thing is named for you? Here's a quiz about famous people who became famous despite themselves.
10 Q
May 03 07
3654 plays
9 Noted People with Depression
Depression is a disorder which affects millions of people from all walks of life. Here is a quiz on a few people who accomplished much in their lives despite being affected by this debilitating mental illness.
10 Q
Dec 23 06
3993 plays
10 Pioneers of Egyptology
Highlighting some of their most significant contributions, learn about ten of the men who opened the door on a fascinating ancient world.
10 Q
Dec 18 08
438 plays
11 Misanthropy: Hatred of the Human Race
Misanthropy is the antithesis of general human compassion and philanthropy. Here is an, hopefully, interesting quiz on holders of a commonly misunderstood social mannerism. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 24 08
900 plays
12 Killer Celebrities
"Killer" not in the good sense, but celebrities who actually have killed someone. It's not as small a group as you might think.
10 Q
May 27 12
771 plays
13 There're Always Exceptions
People are strange. We know that. However, these ten people are exceptions. They're really strange. Maybe you've met them. Maybe you're just curious. There's no ticket required for this side show extravaganza!
10 Q
Mar 06 14
564 plays
14 Everybody Loves A Lover
We all like a good love story. Ten famous couples from far back in history to modern times to identify. Both names are needed.
10 Q
Jan 02 13
1512 plays
15 Disloyal To The End...
...or "Quislings Everywhere". The name Quisling has become synonymous with traitor. Come meet the man who has given his name to this term.
10 Q
Oct 11 13
213 plays
16 Living with and Dying with Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a disorder that is much more common than many people realize. Many famous people have lived and died with this disorder. Because of myth, misinformation, and fear, their epilepsy has often been kept a secret.
10 Q
Jul 25 10
240 plays
17 Celebrities With Mental Disorders
People from all walks of life suffer from various psychiatric and psychological disorders. Celebrities are no exception. I hope these quizzes can bring to light how many of our favourite celebs are as "normal" as everyone else.
10 Q
Feb 18 11
1914 plays
18 Ain't Dead Yet: Gifts from Over the Hill
Old fossils? No way. Choose from famous elders who changed the world in their later years.
10 Q
Jun 19 11
663 plays
19 Speed of Sound
Not all of the people in this quiz flew at the speed of sound, but they all have a connection to aviation. The quiz is predominantly UK/European based.
10 Q
Sep 10 10
222 plays
20 So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
Here are ten famous architects and their works for you to construct from the clues given. Have fun!
10 Q
Jul 13 13
525 plays
21 Come Dance with Me
This quiz is about famous dancers and choreographers. I'll tell you a little about them, and you'll tell me who they are. Okay, on your toes....
10 Q
Mar 15 10
297 plays
22 Celebrities With Mental Disorders II
Mental illness doesn't diminish one's ability to be successful in any area of life. In fact, when we observe the traits of many of our favourite celebrities, their disorders can enhance their unique abilities in their chosen field.
10 Q
Apr 20 11
945 plays
23 A Time to Dance
The beauty of dance can be appreciated by young and old alike, even someone lacking rhythm can learn. Greatness is achieved by few however, this quiz is about the few to reach those heights.
10 Q
May 13 14
330 plays
24 Real Castaways
Being a castaway on a deserted island or a remote frontier is not just fiction. There are real people who have spent long periods of time alone after being castaway. This is a quiz about some of these fascinating people and their stories.
10 Q
Jan 24 10
513 plays
25 Courtesans and Prostitutes
If they entertain a king, they are called courtesans, but if they walk the street or advertise online they are prostitutes. What do you know about the oldest profession?
10 Q
Feb 22 09
1842 plays
26 They Call me Flamboyant!
Flamboyance is defined by colourfulness and extravagance. Flamboyant personalities can dominate the stage, the air waves, and politics. Here are several I think you will know.
10 Q
Jun 29 13
870 plays
27 Hail to the Native American Chiefs
What do you know about famous Native American Chiefs? See if you can identify these tribal leaders.
10 Q
Feb 16 14
381 plays
28 I Heard He's Not Even a Real Doctor
Oh, no! Our team leader has been found face-down in front of his computer, unconscious. I'm wandering Quizzyland, calling for a doctor, but I can't seem to find what I need!
10 Q
Aug 06 13
594 plays
29 Can You Hear Me Now? No!? Ugh!
How many of these famous deaf or hearing-impaired people are you familiar with?
10 Q
Dec 19 10
678 plays
30 Polymaths
A polymath is a person who displays skills and talents in many areas of achievement--sometimes also called 'Renaissance Men'. But this quiz includes a few women also.
10 Q
Mar 03 13
426 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* This Hungarian pianist and composer was one of Europe's first great celebrities. Women swooned at his performances and fought over the white gloves he tossed into the audience at the end of his performances.
* This Prussian diplomat was a instrumental force in the movement for unification of Germany. He served as chancellor of Germany from 1871 to 1890 and oversaw the rise of Germany as a powerful nationalistic state.
* This man was a British author and statesman who twice served as the British Prime Minister during the reign of Queen Victoria. He was instrumental in the expansion of the British Empire.
* This man was also a British statesman who served four times as Prime Minister during Queen Victoria's reign. He became a Liberal and was responsible for many reforms in British government.
* This 19th century American woman was an author, social reformer and abolitionist. She was instrumental in shaping public opinion about slavery as a moral issue paving the way to the Civil War.

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