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Admirable Australians, beguiling Brits and commendable Canadians. Travel around the world and discover the most interesting people that the nations of the world have to offer.
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1 These Mad Hungarians were Really Martians!
While some Hungarians--like the Gabor sisters--were unquestionably from Venus, others were really from Mars! A metallic voice clicks, "Take. Me. To. Your. Leader." Let's go meet the Martians...
10 Q
Sep 10 09
1071 plays
2 Great Danes (NOT the canines)
Here are ten great Danes for you. Some old, some new, it's up to you to find them. Enjoy!
10 Q
Mar 28 14
216 plays
3 Some Postage Stamp Heroes of Magical Moldova
The people chosen to be shown on a nation's stamps offer insights into the country's history and values. Let's look at some people who have appeared on Moldovan stamps.
10 Q
Mar 23 14
102 plays
4 Party Like an Egyptian
We here at All Puns Intended are throwing a party to celebrate the anniversary of the Arab Spring! We've bent the laws of time and space to invite ten accomplished Egyptians, from the ancient past to modern times. Come and make merry with us!
10 Q
Jan 29 12
3723 plays
5 Rasputin: The Mad Monk of Russia
Rasputin was without a doubt one of the most infamous and enigmatic characters of the Russian Revolution. This quiz takes a brief look at this fascinating man. Good luck!
15 Q
Apr 16 08
1212 plays
6 A Toast to the French
Join myself, PDAZ, Rowena8482, and doublemm at our soirée en France, as we discover some remarkable French folk.
10 Q
Jan 29 12
3882 plays
7 Don't Get Your Nicaraguans in a Twist
Nicaragua may have had a tortured history, but it has been the birthplace of many great people. Here, we meet some of the names that have emerged from this beautiful Central American country.
10 Q
Mar 16 11
1761 plays
8 Don't Forget Your Toga!
"Don't forget your toga!" was written on your invitation, but I'm sorry to say that it was a practical joke! You're really going to stand out in your Roman garb while I introduce you around at this soirée of the 'who's who' of Ancient Greek society.
10 Q
Jan 30 12
3726 plays
9 The Soviets that Saved the World
At two critical moments in the Cold War, Vasiliy Arkhipov and Stanislov Petrov saved the world from nuclear war, and still their stories remain relatively unknown.
10 Q
Jan 23 11
339 plays
10 Famous People of the Nazi Era
This quiz deals with famous people from various fields who lived in Germany during the rule of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. I hope you like the quiz!
10 Q
Jul 22 09
1440 plays
11 Skydiving the Speed of Sound
October 14th, 2012, witnessed a truly remarkable feat of daredevilism. Felix Baumgartner, an extreme sports skydiver, took to the outer limits of the atmosphere in order to break the world record for the highest ever accelerated free-fall. Did you see it
10 Q
Oct 15 12
282 plays
12 Romanians Away from Home
My East European country has many sons and daughters who lived most of their lives abroad and reached fame in foreign countries. Here are a few of them, all personalities of mondial renown. Let's try to remember their names.
10 Q
Dec 06 06
657 plays
13 Shooting the Breeze
The Four Winds crash an imaginary garden party in Medellin, Colombia, in January 2012 and meet some interesting Colombians. Whom do you know?
10 Q
Jan 31 12
2847 plays
14 Raoul Wallenberg
I admire this man so much. He helped the Jews during World War II and was an amazing man. This quiz is devoted to him.
10 Q
May 25 03
717 plays
15 Spotted at the German Bundespresseball
The Bundespresseball (Federal Press Ball) is a splendid celebration of about 2,500 German notables from politics, business and culture. Can you identify these people who could have been there in 2011?
10 Q
Jan 30 12
2892 plays
16 Vlad the Impaler
Vampires are a curiousity for many reasons, be it the immortality or the horror. Folklore varies greatly from region to region but this man is probably the most infamous of all.
10 Q
Oct 02 08
1113 plays
17 Cape to Cairo Historical Figures
This quiz travels from South Africa to Egypt, and test your knowledge of significant historical figures in African history. Enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 26 08
510 plays
18 Where Were They Born?
I will give you the name of a world-famous (or infamous) person and all you need to do is tell me where that person was born. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 23 12
657 plays
19 Cruising for a Carnival
Everyone knows Brazil is famous for Carnival and here are some Carnival related questions about famous people from this vibrant country.
10 Q
Jan 31 12
3123 plays
20 How Swede It Is
This quiz is about people from my ancestoral home of Sweden.
10 Q
Apr 26 12
267 plays
21 Vlad the Impaler
Vlad Tepes Dracula, the historical figure who inspired Bram Stoker for his blood thirsting Count, was a machiavellian leader of the 15th century. The true story of the legend that hides behind a myth.
10 Q
Jan 16 02
2154 plays
22 Senegalese
Senegal is a country in West Africa. Find out about some people who are Senegalese in this quiz. Good luck!
10 Q
Aug 13 13
120 plays
23 Where Was I Born?
The country with which a person is associated is not necessarily the country of their birth. Do you know where these well-known people were born?
15 Q
Jan 13 04
2973 plays
24 Quotes About People And Peoples
We don't only gossip about individuals but also about groups of people and whole nations .What follows alludes to such 'cliches' 'and 'stereotypes'.Fortunately, quoting them need not yet mean believing them.
10 Q
Sep 25 01
3081 plays
25 Ten Famous Antarcticans
Antarctica is a fierce and unforgiving continent. Notwithstanding, there have been numerous people who have made their mark upon it. Please enjoy! Not all photos directly relate to the questions, I just liked them.
10 Q
Feb 28 11
618 plays
26 Ghat and Manse
All ten of these people have spent time in both England and India, usually to the mutual enrichment of both. Do you know them?
10 Q
Feb 19 05
558 plays
27 Quotes About Countries And Their People
This quiz is about what famous and less famous people said about certain countries. Some questions refer to the author of the quote; other questions require you to guess which country was meant.
10 Q
Aug 29 03
1248 plays
28 Famous Non-Belgians and Non-Canadians
Shocking as it may be to Triviafun addicts, several famous historical figures, one or two people in the news today (and indeed the odd quizmaker and editor!) are in no way Belgian or Canadian. This quiz "outs" a few of them.
10 Q
Oct 11 02
2100 plays
29 Where Was I Born?
In this quiz all you have to do is match the famous person to where they were born - it's as simple as that! Have fun.
10 Q
Oct 17 10
594 plays
30 Birthplaces of Well-Known People I
Check if you know the birthplaces of these famous and infamous people. Have fun!
10 Q
Mar 29 08
864 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Which of these countries does NOT claim as Simon Bolivar as its "libertador" (liberator) and national hero?
* Who said 'eat your heart out'?
* Which Greek writer wrote 'If you want peace, prepare for war'?
* Which person solved the Problem of the Gordian knot?
* Which writer said 'Speak well of the Dead'?

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