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1 They Remember Me For WHAT?
Imagine that you were one of the greatest and most respected scientists of your time. Now imagine that you have just awakened in the 21st century to discover that you are best known for...well...why don't you take this quiz and find out?
10 Q
Aug 10 09
7767 plays
2 The Nerd Herd
Scientific advances often come from single-minded people who are sometimes called 'nerds'. This quiz is about some people who made huge leaps, as well as some who just made it a bit easier for us to get through our day. How many can you identify?
10 Q
Mar 12 13
1656 plays
3 Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry
This quiz is about the chemists who won the Nobel Prize.
10 Q
Feb 02 15
72 plays
4 Madame Curie
This is a quiz about one of my favorite scientist, a lady who showed all of us that women are just as capable of greatness as men. Information comes from her exhibit on the American Institute of Physics website.
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
5 Wrong is Actually Right
Throughout history scientists have been ridiculed, persecuted, tortured and even killed because of their new ideas and theories. This quiz looks at ten of these famous men who everyone thought were wrong but who turned out to be very right.
10 Q
Dec 14 12
603 plays
6 A Woman's Work is Never Done
Science is often - quite wrongly! - seen as a 'boys' subject'. However, great contributions to the subject have been made by women over the years. This quiz looks at ten women who have really made their mark in the sciences.
10 Q
Dec 21 14
291 plays
7 The Miracle Of Mind
This quiz asks you to identify relatively notable scientists throughout the ages. These great minds have made significant advances toward the advancement of science.
Very Easy
10 Q
Jan 27 13
732 plays
8 Ralph and the History of British Science
Ralph the Llama, as the new lab technician, is tasked with finding out who is responsible for a broken (and rather expensive) centrifuge. However the British scientists in this lab are quick to stick together and reveal little about the culprit.
10 Q
Sep 01 12
228 plays
9 Inventors You Have Never Heard of - until now
We are all familiar with really famous inventors, but there are many more out there who are a little more obscure but have contributed to inventions that we know, love, and perhaps even hate, today.
10 Q
Nov 09 13
531 plays
10 Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Famous names through history have made scientific discoveries and inventions that have transformed the world, but sometimes there are disputes over who actually was responsible. See which scientists "stole" the fantasizing of their contemporaries.
10 Q
Dec 19 09
438 plays
11 Scientists Who Changed the World
Random facts about scientists who made a big impact on the way we live today.
10 Q
Apr 17 07
2316 plays
12 Great Figures of Ancient Science
I have selected here some fascinating facts about some of the great scientists, some well-known and some not so well-known, from both the ancient and medieval world. Please feel free to peruse this quiz and learn...
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jun 30 03
600 plays
13 Behind the Units: Electromagnetism
Some scientific units - like the meter - aren't named after anybody in particular. Others, though, are named to honor hard work and brilliant contributions. I describe the scientist and work in electromagnetism - you name the unit (not the abbreviation).
10 Q
Feb 16 02
399 plays
14 Who was Alfred Wegener?
If you've never heard of Alfred Wegener, here is your chance! His work has been extremely important in the advancement of our understanding of the world.
10 Q
May 31 14
225 plays
15 Scientists are Human Too
Scientists and natural philosophers throughout the ages have discovered some amazing things, but every now and then some of them come up with something strange and out of the blue or suffered the at wicked hand of irony. After all they are human, too.
10 Q
Aug 13 08
735 plays
16 Ancient Ionian Scientists
The world's first known group of natural scientists were active in Ionian Greece in ancient times. Here are some questions regarding these obscure but very important individuals...have a look!
Very Difficult
5 Q
Jan 05 01
885 plays
17 Famous Scientists
This quiz is over a few famous scientists. I tried to keep out some of the very obvious ones that every quiz has, like Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.
10 Q
Nov 23 00
2808 plays
18 All in the Name of Spineless Science
All the scientists in this quiz have one thing in common - among many other amazing achievements they have had at least one species of invertebrate named after them. How many of them do you recognise from my clues?
10 Q
Jul 30 10
3864 plays
19 Inventors, Scientists and Inventions
This is my fourth quiz and it covers basic inventions, scientists and those that have invented! Enjoy! All constructive criticism welcome. :)
10 Q
Mar 27 09
879 plays
20 Later Ionian Scientists
More ancient Ionian scientists. Hope you learn something.
Very Difficult
5 Q
Jan 05 01
306 plays
21 Early Scientists of Alexandria
Following the the creation of the Egyptian city Alexandria by Alexander the Great himself and the ascension of Ptolemy as Pharoah, the city of Alexandria became the scientific center of the ancient world. Here are some of the key figures...
10 Q
Jun 18 02
354 plays
22 Famous Scientists
This quiz is about scientists who are very dead, and very famous ...
5 Q
Jul 15 00
3690 plays
23 The Limitations of Science
While scientists have obtained many fascinating results and discoveries in the last century, some of the most surprising results have been those which state precisely what we cannot possibly accomplish. Here are 10 questions on some of those discoveries
10 Q
Feb 23 03
576 plays
24 Name That Scientist
This quiz is designed to get more challenging as it goes on. Each individual is a scientist, although the hints given may relate to other aspects of his or her life.
10 Q
Jun 06 00
2463 plays
25 The Peripatetics
Following the great Aristotle were a number of scholars and scientists referred to as the 'Peripatetics'. Here are some questions on the greatest among them. Have fun!
Very Difficult
5 Q
Jan 22 01
693 plays
26 The Builders of Science
This quiz is based on the book by Bill Bryson "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and is definitely for the more discerning Funtrivia players!
10 Q
Dec 16 06
402 plays
27 Fascinating Facts about Scientists
In this quiz I have presented 5 random questions on or about various famous scientists of the past. See how far in depth your knowledge of these greats delves!
5 Q
Aug 14 00
615 plays
28 Famous Scientific Pioneers
How much do you know about important discoveries to modern science? Maybe this quiz will help you figure that out. Enjoy! Oh, and I don't mind feedback, just please don't be rude.
10 Q
Feb 22 04
396 plays
29 Interesting Facts about Famous Scientists
Enjoy these various tidbits on your favorite scientists...
Very Difficult
5 Q
Aug 14 00
606 plays
30 Who Am I ? - Scientists
Name the scientist from the clues. Good Luck!
10 Q
Dec 06 00
1380 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* She is famous for her study of early human fossils.
* He is famous for inventing the calculating machine known as the Difference Engine.
* He is noted to have said the following quote: 'Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth.'
* She had Nobel laureate parents, a physicist daughter, and along with her husband demonstrated the creation of an isotope of Nitrogen. What was her first name?
* She is famous for completing work on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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