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Play General Astronomy Topic Mash!
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 The Space Pumpkin
I am hosting a cosmic dinner party, but am missing some ingredients. With that, I hop in my spacecraft, which happens to be a giant pumpkin, to travel the depths of space to collect food items.
10 Q
Oct 28 13
1953 plays
2 A History of Hydrogen
The story of the universe is reflected in the history of hydrogen. Let's take a look at a highlight reel.
10 Q
Sep 30 14
159 plays
3 Astronomy IQ
Let's check your IQ in astronomy.
10 Q
Sep 26 14
321 plays
4 From Here to Eternity
Take a trip from Earth through the solar system and into the vast universe beyond! See how many sites you recognise!
10 Q
Aug 18 11
3207 plays
5 A Look at the Cosmos
Astronomy is quite possibly the most exciting and interesting branch of science in the opinion of the public. It is accessible, visible and the science is often shaped by amateur stargazers! Enjoy the quiz.
10 Q
Dec 03 09
4524 plays
6 It's not Kevin Spacey
Here are some random questions about Space, the final frontier. Let's slip the surly bonds of earth and have some fun.
10 Q
Feb 10 14
264 plays
7 The Hubble Space Telescope
This quiz is not for rocket scientists only. Try it and see how much you know about the Hubble Space Telescope.
10 Q
May 04 08
3486 plays
8 Astronomy Savvy
From the vast recesses of my mind, I've collected the most difficult facts about space I could remember and created this quiz. Hopefully, it'll provide quite a tough challenge for everyone. And, as always, please enjoy.
10 Q
Mar 15 07
6981 plays
9 Evy's Eyes on the Sky
Granddaughter Evelyn and I often gaze into the night sky and wonder who else is watching. This quiz deals with observatories in various locations throughout the world.
10 Q
Nov 05 13
255 plays
10 A Quizzer's Guide to the Galaxy
Welcome to the Galaxy! This quiz will test your knowledge of our galactic home, and our place in it.
10 Q
Aug 03 09
3312 plays
11 Not in a million years!
A million years won't get you very far in the world of astronomy. Play this quiz to get an idea of the timescales that one is more likely to encounter. Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 14 12
621 plays
12 The Shining
This quiz is not about Stephen King's book, it's about some of the bright objects in the sky that mankind has observed and sometimes been a little scared of for millennia. Let's see how many you know.
10 Q
Apr 11 13
942 plays
13 The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
Enjoy this quiz on the various aspects of our universe.
10 Q
gen. paton
Jun 29 06
3612 plays
14 Fascinating Astronomy 2
This is quizzyland's second quiz on the topic of astronomy. Considering that, the questions are relatively easy (I hope). Please give it a try and good luck!
10 Q
Feb 19 00
16191 plays
15 Test Your Astronomical Knowledge
A general mix of astronomy questions.
10 Q
Apr 02 09
3933 plays
16 Fascinating Astronomy 1
This is Funtrivia's original astronomy quiz, created in early 2000. Please enjoy and good luck to you...the questions should not be that tough!
10 Q
Feb 19 00
14202 plays
17 The Space Panorama
Here is a collection of random questions about space. Subjects vary widely from planets to stars.
10 Q
Feb 03 08
3609 plays
18 Space : The Final Frontier
Assorted selection of space related questions. Enjoy! All units are based on the US number system - i.e. 1 billion = 1,000,000,000. Most definitions are verified at
15 Q
Apr 19 00
7887 plays
19 Astronomical Terms
This first quiz on Astronomical terms will be relatively (no pun intended) easy! I will give you the description and you determine the term.
10 Q
Aug 22 02
8688 plays
20 The Cosmic Perspective
Are you ready to take a journey through our cosmos? Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing face to face with some of the many wonders our universe has to offer.
10 Q
Oct 28 12
447 plays
21 Tour of the Northern Sky
The sky is clear and you set up your telescope. While waiting for total darkness to set in, this quiz will test your knowledge of the northern skies. Have fun!
10 Q
Jan 31 11
708 plays
22 A Truly Universal Quiz!
This quiz will deal with all manner of astronomical topics. Enjoy!
10 Q
Mar 01 11
1104 plays
23 General Astronomy Facts
Interesting facts about our Solar System and beyond. I hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Apr 09 12
978 plays
24 Understand The Universe
Questions on stars, galaxies and the solar system are there in this quiz. And don't forget the Earth!
15 Q
Jun 19 02
9597 plays
25 Basic Astronomy
This quiz will test your knowledge on basic facts about constellations, planets, and stars. Have fun, and good luck!
10 Q
Mar 14 03
9411 plays
26 Astronomy : Part A
A quiz for anyone who loves (and knows a whole lot about) astronomy! Some of the questions are tricky so be careful. It helps to have a textbook on hand. Good luck.
15 Q
Aug 06 00
7572 plays
27 Amazing Astronomy
Astronomy is the study of outer space and the universe. What do you know about astronomy? Let's find out. Have fun!
10 Q
Sep 15 13
474 plays
28 Astronomy or Cosmology?
All of the questions are related to astronomy or cosmology, even if sometimes tenuously.
10 Q
Mar 28 00
9039 plays
29 The Elements of Astronomy
Where do the elements originate? Why, the cosmos of course!
10 Q
Mar 27 07
3069 plays
30 Space and The Universe
How well do you know about this great big huge place we call the Universe??? Test yourself with this rather tough quiz!
10 Q
Apr 05 00
14676 plays
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This is category 5966
Last Updated Oct 12 14 12:53 AM

Some sample questions from this category:

* The term dirty snowball refers to a ______?
* What is the name of the closest large spiral galaxy to our own Milky Way?
* Who experimentally discovered the relationship between redshift and distance within the universe?
* Where is the world's first fully steerable giant radio telescope located?
* What does the 'C' in Einstein's famous equation E=MC^2 stand for?

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