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Play Angiosperms and Gymnosperms Topic Mash!
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 The Forest was Petrified
Forests of the world are many and varied. The forests of our world are vital to our survival as a species. Let's take a walk into the forest of knowledge and find out just how much you know about the forests of the world.
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10 Q
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2 The Fascinating World of Carnivorous Plants
I just got through writing a research paper on carnivorous plants for my English class. This quiz first covers specific plants' prey-catching and digestion methods and the last part is on various aspects of different plants.
10 Q
May 25 03
1569 plays
3 The Universal Language of Plant Names
Plants usually have two names - their common name and a Latin one. The Latin one tells you more about the plant than the common name and also provides a universal language for horticulturalists. So here's a quiz to help you understand them better.
10 Q
May 03 07
2535 plays
4 I Hate Blackberries!
Does "blackberry" make you think of pies and jams? Well, meet the Himalayan blackberry. This noxious, invasive weed will quickly become the plant that you love to hate. You'll never look at one of those juicy berries the same way again.
10 Q
Nov 16 06
705 plays
5 All About Bamboo
All you ever needed to know about Bamboo, but were afraid to ask.
10 Q
Oct 16 02
759 plays
6 Seedy Section of the Forest
Seed plants are everywhere you look! All flowering plants are seed plants, as well as corn, wheat, and just about all trees. So see how much you know about them! This quiz is a bit intense on the biology, but you can do it!
10 Q
Aug 21 00
2382 plays
7 Pulp Facts: Truly Tremendous Trees
Trees enrich our lives in so many ways. They provide us with food, oxygen, shade and beautiful vistas. With this quiz, I honor some of our world's most noteworthy trees.
10 Q
Mar 02 11
1119 plays
8 Not Just For Decoration
Being pretty isn't enough to save some poor plants from being mercilessly trampled on, eaten and used by humans and animals alike. Some plants took a decisive stand... these plants are not just for decoration.
10 Q
Jun 17 12
240 plays
9 British Flowers: Historical Culinary Uses
Third quiz of my three quiz set on the wild flowers of the British Isles. How much do you know about the historical culinary uses of our native flora?
15 Q
Jun 18 02
498 plays
10 Plant Taxonomy
This quiz focuses on plants.
10 Q
Aug 19 00
2148 plays
11 Fun Fig Facts
I love figs! Once you've taken this quiz maybe you'll be a fig fanatic too.
10 Q
Jan 03 09
573 plays
12 Field Crops
A cold wet spring has given me some time to write this quiz.Here are some general questions on field crops in North America.Try it out have fun and let me know if you liked it.
10 Q
Jun 03 02
1365 plays
13 The Importance of Trees
The following questions on Trees covers, broadly, how they live, their importance to our Environment and some interesting facts.
10 Q
Jun 17 00
1407 plays
14 Name That Fruit -- Botanically Speaking
We all know the names of many kinds of fruits, but what are their botanical names? Take this test of botanical knowledge.
10 Q
Jan 16 07
864 plays
15 Herbal Terminology
Herbs have been used in many ways since pre-historic times. They have been used as medicine, food, and dyes. This quiz will test your general botanical knowledge.
10 Q
Sep 13 02
1263 plays
16 Names of Flowers
All the answers to these questions are the name of flowers. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 08 00
2874 plays
17 Leaves
Leaves and their wonderful history. You may learn something.
10 Q
Mar 12 02
867 plays
18 Plants in the Family Ancardiaceae
Poison ivy and other plants in the family Ancardiaceae.
10 Q
Dec 10 03
567 plays
19 Wild Flowers, Who Am I
I love all sorts of wildflowers and I hope you do too. I have enough for maybe a few other quizes like this one.
20 Q
Jun 23 00
1371 plays
20 A Partridge in a Pear Tree
All of these trees I am going to write about have neither a partridge or a pear in/on them. Known as the "lungs of the world", trees play a very important part to us all in that they give us food, medicines, industrial goods and many other things.
10 Q
Apr 06 13
216 plays
21 Redwood Adaptations
This is all about those tall, majestic beauties, the redwood trees. May be a bit tough for the general public, but you be the judge.
5 Q
Apr 13 01
477 plays
22 Name That Fruit!
Most people think they know what a fruit is and may think they know what class to put each one in. But botanists (scientist who study plants) have their own system. Take this quiz and see how much you really know about fruits.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 25 02
1365 plays
23 Cruciferae: the Plant Behind the Condiment
A quiz on the family Cruciferae. I based this on a report I did for school.
10 Q
Jun 09 03
564 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Trees may help reduce the effects of global warming by:
* What two main substances do trees need to live?
* The amount of carbon dioxide a tree may remove from the atmosphere to gain one pound is:
* What is one of the byproducts of photosynthesis?
* The water vapor given off by a tree becomes a critical part of Earth's ______________.

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