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Meteorological facts and phenomena.
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1 Weather in Australia
Everybody talks about the weather but no-one does anything about it. Well, I decided to do something! I wrote a quiz about it.
10 Q
Jul 22 13
339 plays
2 Quite a Cloudy Day
Clouds are some of the most interesting meteorological phenomena. Besides looking good, or ominous, some can predict the weather days in advance. See how you score on this quiz that will go right over your head!
10 Q
Dec 16 14
345 plays
3 The Science of Snowflakes
We have all seen or heard of snowflakes. Many of us will mess with snow everyday in the winter. Some of us will never see snow at all. This is just a short quiz on Mother Nature's lace, a.k.a. the simple snowflake.
10 Q
Jan 21 10
2436 plays
4 Let It Rain
Rain is something we take for granted yet it plays a big role on our planet. Let's take a look at rain, some of the things it can do, and some of the effects it has around us every day. Good luck!
10 Q
Aug 22 13
585 plays
5 Smug About Smog
The English weather is well known for being anything but predictable. See how smug you can feel about answering these ten fairly easy questions about the cause and effects of smog in London.
10 Q
Jan 24 12
459 plays
6 Facts About Clouds
Clouds are composed of either small droplets of water or tiny pieces of ice, sometimes both. Clouds are ranked by meteorologists according to how high they are and whether they are fluffy or flat. This quiz may help you to identify some of them.
10 Q
Sep 01 07
1470 plays
7 Red Sky at Night
What we call "old wives' tales" in regards to the weather were usually based on fact. Here's a look at some of those old maxims and why they were right.
10 Q
Feb 08 13
642 plays
8 Clouds
I used to be in the Weather Bureau and retain my interest in clouds (they match my thinking!).
15 Q
Jan 04 03
2049 plays
9 An Ill Wind Blows
It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good - maybe. This is a quiz about some of the winds of the world, and I hope you will find it interesting.
10 Q
Apr 25 12
654 plays
10 A to Z of World Winds
Our planet experiences many different types of winds with a variety of names - local, international, scientific or purely descriptive. This quiz examines some of these interesting winds.
20 Q
Apr 14 05
849 plays
11 The Wind
Who has seen the wind? This quiz is about various aspects of winds, breezes, and zephyrs.
10 Q
Nov 27 08
1506 plays
12 Upper-air Meteorology
This quiz will test your knowledge of meteorological concepts, terms, and variables above the surface level.
10 Q
Nov 22 08
642 plays
13 Seasonal Weather in Wichita, Kansas
Few areas in the US experience the extremes in weather conditions that are seen in the city of Wichita, Kansas. Take this quiz and learn what it is like to live in the heart of the Great Plains. Good luck, and enjoy!
10 Q
May 09 04
1404 plays
14 Advanced Meteorology Concepts
This quiz tests your knowledge on advanced meteorology concepts.
15 Q
Jun 08 04
1410 plays
15 Seasonal Weather in the USA
I've been fortunate to live in many places in the US and to experience some very different and interesting climates. I'll describe seasonal conditions (and geography) for a city I've lived in--you decide which city I'm describing. Good luck, and enjoy!
10 Q
Apr 27 04
3528 plays
16 Weird Weather
Ever wonder what causes the strangest weather you've seen? Play this quiz to find out!
10 Q
Jul 26 14
1530 plays
17 Fun Meteorology Facts
A quiz about the fascinating world of meteorology. Good luck!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jan 01 09
1293 plays
18 Marine Weather
The world's oceans experience some unique and interesting weather. This quiz covers phenomena observed and procedures followed by ships and coastal communities.
10 Q
Nov 09 13
1212 plays
19 Average Meteorology
I've always been interested in meteorology, so here are some of my favorite questions which I have collected over the years. Good luck!
10 Q
Dec 15 03
2247 plays
20 My Mind Melted!
Try not to melt with the heat of these science questions.
10 Q
Sep 02 14
456 plays
21 A Little Bit of Weather
As a United States Navy meteorologist, I've learned a lot of neat things about the weather. How much do you know?
10 Q
Feb 04 08
2208 plays
22 My Weather is Worse Than Yours
Do you have a pessimistic neighbour who's always complaining about the weather? Well, this quiz is probably about them...
10 Q
Dec 05 14
303 plays
23 Lightning Facts
A true or false quiz on lightning.
10 Q
Nov 11 01
4896 plays
24 There's Something In the Air...
Everyone talks about the weather but how much do you really know about it?
10 Q
Feb 24 13
390 plays
25 Difficult Meteorology
A quiz on meteorologcal phenomena
10 Q
Jul 30 02
1539 plays
26 The Science of Fog
Fog has always been intriguing to me. Just what is it? And what kind of weather conditions cause it? There are 6 types of fog. I'll describe a type and you tell me what it is. This will be multiple choice of course! It'll be easy.
5 Q
Nov 12 02
1893 plays
27 Synoptic Scale Meteorology
The following questions are based on a synoptic scale meteorology course at an American university. GOOD LUCK!
10 Q
Apr 03 01
1620 plays
28 A Genuine British Summer
I am sitting looking at a foggy June day, bright sunshine for the past two days and rain the day before. I just have to do a quiz about the Great British summer.
10 Q
Aug 14 10
309 plays
29 General Meteorology I
Here is a short quiz on general meteorology. Some questions are easy and some I made a bit tougher!
10 Q
Nov 14 04
1419 plays
30 Types of Clouds
Following is a short quiz on different types of clouds. I'll provide a brief description, and you choose the correct kind of cloud.
5 Q
Mar 25 01
2886 plays
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This is category 78
Last Updated Jun 17 15 3:56 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Although tornadoes occur worldwide, the greatest concentration is in the United States. About how many tornadoes are formed here in an average year?
* Which of these is documented as the greater single outbreak of tornadoes during the 20th century?
* "Early radar detection of potential tornadic storm systems have greatly reduced the number of deaths from tornadoes. The last single storm to take 80 or more lives in the 20th Century occurred in 1955 in this town:
* This Texas community was leveled twice, by an F-5 and later an F-4 tornado, on April 3, 1964 and 'Terrible Tuesday', April 10, 1979:
* What year was the first tornado accurately predicted before it struck?

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