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1 Medical Terminology A-Z (Part 2)
This Quiz is Part 2 in a series of 3. I have selected some medical terms, given the definitions, and you choose the correct term. Feedback/comments are welcome!
10 Q
Jul 21 07
2592 plays
2 What - Ectomy?
"Ectomy" is a suffix meaning the removal of a body part. The word that precedes it indicates which part. What has been removed in these 10 surgical procedures?
10 Q
Mar 13 09
16026 plays
3 Medical Terminology for Malingerers
No malingerer can get along without some impressive medical terms in his/her vocabulary. Just make sure the boss doesn't know what they really mean!
10 Q
Aug 26 03
20607 plays
4 Medical Terminology for Malingerers 2
The further medical misadventures of the master malingerer, Bruce Bludger (by request).
10 Q
Sep 03 03
12117 plays
5 Medical Meanings: Names of Diseases
Have you ever wondered "Why did they call it THAT?"? Here's your chance to find out about the meanings behind the names of some common diseases.
10 Q
Jan 15 05
14613 plays
6 Medical Terminology II
Here is Part 2 of the first medical terminology quiz.
20 Q
Jul 04 01
22068 plays
7 Eponyms in Medical Terminology
Eponyms are words or phrases formed from, or including, the names of people and places.
10 Q
Oct 26 03
8844 plays
8 Can You Read A Doctor's Script?
I will give you different abbreviations that a physician in the US might put on your prescription to be read by your pharmacist. See how many of these abbreviations you know.
15 Q
Jan 05 02
18171 plays
9 What's The Real Diagnosis?
For each of these items I'll briefly outline a situation and give the diagnostic acronym. Choose the correct medical diagnosis.
10 Q
Jan 06 11
5742 plays
10 Basic Medical Terminology I
Here is a pretty easy quiz on basic medical terminology. Good luck!
20 Q
Jul 01 01
25212 plays
11 Medical Test Abbreviations and Acronyms
As a nurse, I come across many different abbreviations and acronyms each day. This quiz is about commonly ordered tests. I hope you enjoy this quiz and learn something you didn't know before. Have fun and good luck.
10 Q
Feb 12 08
9669 plays
12 Spare Me Your Medical Mumbo Jumbo!
To the lay person, the language of the medical profession is often hard to pronounce, and very confusing. Let's see if that can be remedied! References are included to further enhance your knowledge.
10 Q
Apr 10 06
7143 plays
13 Medical Terminology
This is a basic quiz to test your knowledge of medical terms. Some of these you may have heard of, and some may be more obscure. Anyway, enough talk. Quiztime!
10 Q
Jan 02 03
22215 plays
14 The Moon's a Balloon
Call the moon a balloon, we'll know what you mean. Still, it has a scientific name. Choose the correct medical term for these common scenarios. The quiz is good practice for someone learning medical terms, but likely tough for a novice.
10 Q
Jul 02 13
519 plays
15 Medical Terminology
Ever wonder what your doctor is talking about? This should help.
10 Q
Feb 19 00
28362 plays
16 Medical Terms for Childhood Conditions
It always helps to know what the doctor is talking about. UK spelling.
10 Q
Nov 10 10
2661 plays
17 What Does All of this 'Medical Terminology' Mean?
This quiz is all about medical words; their meanings, and their different parts. Enjoy!
10 Q
May 23 04
9291 plays
18 Medical suffixes and their meanings
These are Greek and Latin suffixes. An example of each will be given in the interesting info.
15 Q
Oct 15 06
8148 plays
19 How Well Do You Know Your Medical Terms?
Take a quiz on ten not-so-common medical terms. Guess what terms 'normal people' use for each of the following medical terms.
10 Q
Feb 17 00
7032 plays
20 When the Doctor Says....III
When the doctor says a certain phrase, what is he talking about? Number three of the series.
10 Q
Apr 12 09
3318 plays
21 Doctor Who?
There are many specialties for doctors; how well do you know them?
10 Q
Dec 10 11
1704 plays
22 That's What The Dentist Said.....
Ever have an idea about what it is the dentist is actually saying to you? This quiz may help boost your dental IQ. Written by an actual dentist.
10 Q
Mar 25 03
4758 plays
23 Medical Eponyms
Multiple choice quiz on a variety of medical eponyms.
15 Q
Feb 15 01
10077 plays
24 Take this Quiz PRN
I am a nursing student, so for any of you nurses out there this should be a breeze!
10 Q
Feb 13 13
738 plays
25 Your What Hurts?
My friend Budhu was coming down the stairs and tripped, hitting many body parts on the way down. He was given 10 diagnoses in the Emergency Department. See if you can deduce where he was injured.
10 Q
Feb 17 10
1872 plays
26 Derogatory Medicine
The haughty history of medicine is reflected in some of the derogatory terms that persist in today's medical lexicon. How many of these terms are you familiar with, and can you spot the real terms from amongst the contrived ones?
10 Q
Jul 20 04
5949 plays
27 When the Doctor Says.....IV
Doctors use jargon for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the terms are shortcuts, sometimes disguised terms to prevent lay people from understanding, and sometimes they learned it that way. How many can you decipher?
10 Q
Jun 20 09
2316 plays
28 A Glance through a Medical Lexicon
Medical words can be bizarre and crazily polysyllabic. Do you know anything about the following words?
10 Q
Dec 10 07
2259 plays
29 Medical Terminology
This is a short quiz about medical terminology. Good Luck!
10 Q
Jan 08 03
14379 plays
30 When the Doctor Says ... II
Part II of what does the doctor mean when he says something.
10 Q
Feb 19 04
6180 plays
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* The prefix which refers to the gallbladder is:
* The prefix that refers to the bladder:
* The waste product that creates the yellow skin in jaundice is:
* RSV is a common infection, it stands for:
* One of the symptoms of Raynaud's Phenomenon is:

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