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For quizzes that don't fit anywhere else in Technology or are about several technological fields.
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1 Nanotechnology - Here Come the Tiny Things!
Molecular nanotechnology is the science of engineering and manufacturing objects on a molecular scale. How much do you know about this fascinating science?
10 Q
Dec 13 03
3507 plays
2 A Brief History of Timepieces
What time is it? Attempts to find out have taken us from the ancient use of sundials to the modern atomic clock. Let's go on a journey through time.
10 Q
May 10 10
423 plays
3 Inside a Coal-Fired Power Plant
The electricity you're using to play this quiz may come from one of the hundreds of coal-fired power plants that together generate more than 40% of the world's electricity. Let's explore what makes it possible to turn on the lights.
15 Q
Apr 25 07
1200 plays
4 Science in Science Fiction
Science fiction has given us many fabulous ideas--many of which are actually possible. Test your knowledge of these futuristic technologies!
10 Q
Mar 01 10
1575 plays
5 Not What I Had in Mind
Science and creative imagination have sometimes birthed brilliant ideas and inventions. Occasionally these marvels are "accidents" leaving the inventor thinking, "Not What I Had in Mind."
10 Q
Feb 12 12
1965 plays
"Daddy, are we lost?" "No, son, because I have this handy GPS to tell us where we are!" Prepare yourself for the inevitable stream of questions on what GPS is and how it works by taking this handy quiz!
10 Q
May 07 06
2232 plays
7 The End of the World as We Know It
Throughout history, a number of technologies have changed how we interact with each other and the world around us. Can you identify them?
10 Q
Nov 17 09
2151 plays
8 A Time for Timekeeping
The measurement of time is one of the most important things in society today. Our lives are controlled by it, down to the minutest detail. Test your knowledge of this central part of our culture, and how clocks have evolved over the centuries!
20 Q
Aug 20 00
3249 plays
9 What's in my MP3 player?
Many of us have these little rectangular boxes crammed full of songs. Here's a quiz on how those songs get in MP3 players, stay there, and come back out again.
10 Q
Feb 07 08
7836 plays
10 If the Good Die Young, What Does That Make Us?
Chances are, if you remember using this technology, you have grown old, whether you realize it or not! Some of it is old and some of it is REALLY old. Let's take a look back at technology of yesteryear.
10 Q
Apr 13 14
714 plays
11 An Introduction to Nuclear Power
Do you know how a nuclear power plant works? This quiz is about some very basic principles of nuclear power and its applications.
10 Q
Apr 12 09
1023 plays
12 Has Anyone Seen My Slide Rule?
Team quiz by The Lost Connection
The Lost Connection brings you a quiz about old-timey gadgets and gizmos that have somehow 'lost connection' with today's modern society!
10 Q
Nov 06 11
651 plays
13 The iQuiz
The ever-changing Apple iPod has invaded the music scene. Do you know about the operations and history of said devices? Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 11 09
1296 plays
14 Ten Minutes Until Impact
If the crash test dummy had a brain, it would probably be scared out of its vinyl skin ten minutes before impact! This quiz covers the history and development of the crash test dummy.
10 Q
Jun 19 10
5811 plays
15 Obsolete Machines
Welcome to the Museum of Obsolete Machines. Let's walk past the exhibits of various machinery, tools, and devices rendered obsolete by the beginning of the third millennium. Come right this way....
10 Q
May 19 13
582 plays
16 Power to the People: Solar Applications
While the use of solar technology for large-scale energy production is increasing, one of the main benefits of the technology is its use in simpler applications. Let's explore some small-scale uses of solar power for rural and less-developed areas.
10 Q
Jul 29 10
258 plays
17 Go Go Gadget Quiz!
Gadgets are small tools that serves a particular function. Some gadgets are considered novelty items while some gadgets are quite useful. This quiz celebrates everyday gadgets found in everyday life.
10 Q
Apr 29 14
648 plays
18 How Did We Ever Do Without Them?
Here are ten gadgets mankind has come up with from time to time, used until better versions of same replaced them. See how many you know. Have fun!
10 Q
Feb 23 12
984 plays
19 Top Ten Free iPhone Apps 2007-2012
Ever since I got my iPhone, I've been addicted to it, and especially to some of its apps. Just a few days ago marked the fifth anniversary of the iPhone, and so here is a quiz about the 10 most popular free iPhone apps in the phone's first five years!
10 Q
Jul 12 12
381 plays
20 Acoustics and Loudspeakers
Have you ever wondered how such a little speaker can make such and incredible range of sound? Learn about how a loudspeaker works and how we perceive sound.
10 Q
Dec 18 07
945 plays
21 Exploring Nanotechnology - Carbon Nanotubes
Carbon nanotubes are one of the new, upcoming scientific ideas that can revolutionize the entire field. But how much do you know about them?
10 Q
Oct 09 08
378 plays
22 Anyone Got the Time?
"TIME: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole." (from Oxford Dictionary) This quiz is about various ways of keeping time throughout history and around the world.
10 Q
Jul 23 12
294 plays
23 The Last Touch
It seems everything these days is being upgraded to being a "touchscreen" device. Many people embrace this change. Then there's Bob, who doesn't quite like this new technology.
10 Q
May 10 12
420 plays
24 Satellites
Satellites! Beneficial to our society for communications, weather reporting, military use, and more. How much do you know about these intense scientific objects?
10 Q
May 25 05
1404 plays
25 Turning Tables
Mostly replaced by the CD player and computerized audio playback in mainstream home use, the classic turntable or phonograph and its records still live on. Let's look at this once omnipresent music reproduction device in some technical detail!
10 Q
Nov 29 12
216 plays
26 Injection Molding bits and bites
So you think you're a molder?
10 Q
Mar 20 10
246 plays
27 Radical Robots!
You may know all about TV and movie robots like R2-D2, Terminator, and Bender, but how much do you know about real-life robots? This quiz covers some of the most influential developments in the history of robotics.
10 Q
Mar 13 11
291 plays
28 Tools Of The Trade?
See if you can identify these tools of the trades in a salute to all the tradesmen that literally run our world.
15 Q
Jun 03 00
5403 plays
29 Laser Trivia
Laser physics for those with some background knowledge.
10 Q
Feb 10 05
891 plays
30 Technology:Our Future
How well do you know technology? Take my quiz and find out!
10 Q
Feb 29 00
6588 plays
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* An electrode is the same as a:
* What does a laser do?
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* For what is Guglielmo Marconi best known?
* Which of these is a lever?

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