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Spies, Espionage and Cryptography

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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 The Real 'Windtalkers'
This quiz looks at the Native American Codetalkers that served with the US Marines during World War II. They were the subject of the film 'Windtalkers', released in 2002.
10 Q
Jul 20 09
843 plays
2 WWII Codenames and Nicknames
Most know certain WWII events like D-Day, Pearl Harbor and the Blitz, but do you know the code names for operations, espionage activities, weapons, etc.?
20 Q
Aug 12 07
3825 plays
3 Enigma and Bletchley Park Codebreakers
During WWII the Germans used a machine named Enigma to encode their radio messages in millions of different ways (and the key changed with each message). The British assembled a code-breaking unit at Bletchley Park to try to decipher these messages.
10 Q
Oct 21 01
3075 plays
4 Psst, Wanna Hear a Secret?
Espionage dates as far back as man himself. Some spies have achieved fame and notoriety and some have been hailed as heroes
10 Q
Aug 21 09
687 plays
5 Famous People Who Spied on the Side
Each of these famous people was very successful in his/her career. Each was also very successful at something else...espionage. I'll give a brief description of each famous person and see if you can figure out who that person is.
10 Q
Jun 30 11
522 plays
6 Americans Committing Espionage against America
This quiz is about Ten Americans convicted of espionage against the United States from World War II on.
10 Q
Feb 10 14
339 plays
7 Names of the Communist Secret Services
This is my 1st quiz. Enjoy (I hope!). All the questions ask you to find the name of a countries secret service or state police from the communist era.
10 Q
Jul 02 07
771 plays
8 Code Breakers
The art of war has long involved the creative use of a variety of codes. Journey through the ages with this quiz and the codes of war.
10 Q
Dec 15 13
411 plays
9 Spies and Spy Rings in WWII
Spying is as old as warfare itself and has sometimes been referred to as the 'world's second oldest profession'. WWII could not have been won without covert operations. Enjoy!
10 Q
Feb 22 11
384 plays
10 Introduction to Cryptography and its History
In some sense cryptography can be viewed as a battle. New technology allows new codes to be made, but also allows new methods of breaking codes. This quiz traces some of the history of these codes, from Caesar to today's modern algorithms.
10 Q
Jun 17 02
849 plays
11 We Spy
Can you identify these professional spies from history?
10 Q
Jul 19 14
444 plays
12 U.S. Secret Service Code Names
You will be given a Secret Service code name; select the President, First Lady, or member of the Presidential family that is connected to that name.
10 Q
Aug 04 07
531 plays
13 Operation WWII
During WWII an operation was a military or naval action, campaign or mission. The questions are multiple choice. For WWII buffs, enjoy.
10 Q
Dec 14 01
1536 plays
14 Soviet Spies
15 multiple choice questions on espionage during the Soviet era.
15 Q
Jul 16 03
894 plays
15 WW II, Spying 123
Some random WWII spy questions.
10 Q
Jun 03 01
2079 plays
16 Can You Crack the Code?
In World War II, there were Navajo Code Talkers who were instrumental in the war. Test your knowledge about these heroes in this ten question quiz.
10 Q
Sep 14 04
951 plays
17 WW2 Code Names
Codes for individuals, units, operations, etc.
10 Q
May 26 01
2235 plays
18 Spies And Spy Agencies
A little quiz about the espionage industry in the 20th Century.
10 Q
Mar 06 01
1728 plays
19 Spies and Spying
Spies have been around since Alexander the Great. Here's some cloak and dagger trivia you might enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 22 12
444 plays
20 Decoding Military Operations
In war operations, movements, meetings are always encoded. Fancy your chances at some decoding? Good luck and as ever enjoy.
10 Q
Aug 12 05
768 plays
21 Codebreaking in WWII
I watched a PBS special on codebreaking in WWII and found it so interesting, I had to make a quiz!
5 Q
Sep 05 01
1458 plays
22 Espionage
This quiz tests your SpyQ, most of the questions are about intelligence agencies, a few are about spies.
10 Q
Mar 26 01
1326 plays
23 Alphabet Soup
Think you know your intelligence acronyms? Find out here.
10 Q
Jul 16 03
1272 plays
24 The British Intelligence Services
A ten-question quiz on the British secret and intelligence services.
10 Q
May 23 05
651 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Downed U-2 pilot Frances Gary Powers was traded for what Soviet spy in 1962?
* What British intelligence agency is the counterpart of the CIA?
* While not actually a spy, what CIA case officer left the agency, moved to Cuba, and wrote, 'Inside The Company?'
* What are the initials of the French foreign intelligence service?
* Who was the British subject, turned Soviet spy, who recruited Guy Burgess, Kim Philby, and Donald Maclean?

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