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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 The History of Flight
As an instructor at my local Air Cadet squadron I have to teach cadets all sorts of topics to do with aviation. This quiz is based on the subject as taught to junior cadets.
10 Q
Jul 25 11
537 plays
2 Air Sickness Bags
Air sickness bags, the ever-ready servants of an airborne society. Functional, yet an art form. Whether you use them, or swipe them and lose them, you already appreciate this humble item. So take this quiz. Warning: Not for the faint of, er, stomach.
10 Q
Aug 27 05
1401 plays
3 The ABC's of Aviation
This quiz will test your knowledge of the many letters and acronyms used in the aviation industry. Can you identify all of these?
10 Q
May 05 10
783 plays
4 A Wing and a Prayer
A rare intergalactic peace gives Time Lord (Lady) Dr How the chance to indulge her passion for making documentaries. Amazed by early pioneers of powered flight, whose efforts were accomplished on 'A Wing and a Prayer', let's find out what she discovered!
10 Q
Jul 10 13
165 plays
5 Born Again Aircraft
Aircraft are often modified; usually the changes are small but at times the changes are enough to result in a truly different aircraft type. See if you can answer a few questions about these flying oddities.
10 Q
Apr 19 09
531 plays
6 Faster than the Speed of Sound
A quiz on the breaking of the sound barrier, one of the greatest feats in aviation history.
10 Q
Jan 14 07
1197 plays
7 I'm Glad Moose Don't Fly
Believe it or not, there is a very good chance that any aeroplane you disembark from has collided with a bird during its flight. This is not an uncommon occurrence in the world of aviation, so aren't you glad too that moose don't fly?
10 Q
Jan 13 13
423 plays
8 U.S. Airport Acronyms II
Back again, huh? Let's see how much more you know about US airport acronyms.
15 Q
May 26 07
987 plays
9 Ghostwriters In the Sky
When the Australian rock group The Ghostwriters planned a world tour, they placed the travel arrangement in the capable(?) hands of Kyle's Kompleat Konnections. Let's see how they got on.
15 Q
Nov 13 09
243 plays
10 What a Wonderful Bird
You've just emerged from an airplane after spending 13 hours crammed into seat 53E, dead center, last row. You swear to never again endure this - let's explore some premium and luxury air travel instead!
10 Q
Jan 12 13
879 plays
11 US Airport Acronyms
Are you familiar with some of the acronyms involved the world of airport? Take this quiz to find out.
10 Q
Apr 19 07
2160 plays
12 The X (Plane) Files!
A quiz on U.S. experimental and prototype aircraft, from the 1940s to today. Watch that Machmeter!
10 Q
Jan 05 01
1539 plays
13 Private Pilot License 101
Anyone who has completed pilot's ground school, or who has an interest in flying should know most of these questions. Good luck!
10 Q
Jun 04 03
2010 plays
14 The Sky is Calling
Have you ever wanted to become a pilot? Play this quiz to learn some of the fundamentals of aviation.
10 Q
Aug 17 14
255 plays
15 Zeppelins
What do you know about the story of these fascinating and successful German aircraft?
10 Q
Jul 23 12
228 plays
16 Most Extreme Airports
Inspired by the TV show "Most Extreme Airports", as seen on the History Channel, try this quiz about 10 of the world's most unusual airports.
10 Q
Jan 06 11
411 plays
17 Inside the Overhead Storage Compartment
Those of us flying in economy class are all too familiar with the joys of carry-on luggage and the dreaded overhead storage compartment. Buckle up and put some thought into a subject that has probably never crossed your mind.
10 Q
Aug 26 10
414 plays
18 Would You Make a Good Pilot?
Perhaps you are a top gun on a flight simulator, piloting Spitfires or Cessnas like a pro. The question is, how would you be on the real thing?
10 Q
Dec 31 04
2091 plays
19 Aviation Firsts
This quiz is about aviation history and the its early years, so have fun.
10 Q
Jan 22 04
1251 plays
20 Basic Flying
A quiz on some of the more basic parts of aviation regarding light planes.
10 Q
Oct 06 06
1017 plays
21 All Aeronautical
How well do you know modern commercial aircraft and aviation? This quiz should be a snap for frequent flyers and frequent aviators.
10 Q
Jul 30 02
1110 plays
22 So, Just How Did You Get That Callsign?
This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the various callsigns used by some of the airlines around the world.
10 Q
May 10 10
360 plays
23 Aircraft Engines
Hello! This quiz is about how many engines different aircraft have. Some will be commercial, some will be military. Good luck, and have fun!
10 Q
Jun 10 04
807 plays
24 Name That Aircraft
Simple quiz if you know your aircraft. I will give you the aircraft and you tell me who made it.
20 Q
Apr 05 01
3738 plays
25 Up, Up and Awaaay
This quiz isn't about the man of steel, it's about planes of steel, and other materials. This is a look at some of the firsts in aviation history. If you'll spin the propeller on this old biplane, I'll set the ignition switch to 1-2 and we'll get started
10 Q
Dec 03 12
225 plays
26 Those Magnificent Hombres in Their Flying Machines
Latin Americans contributed a great deal to early aviation but nowadays their achievements are barely known. I hope this quiz will change that (if only a little bit).
10 Q
Jul 21 04
318 plays
27 World Airport Names
Can you name the city after I give you the name of its airport? I will use airport names such as Heathrow or JFK.
10 Q
Feb 08 12
588 plays
28 US Pilot Proficiency Brush-Up
This should be a good refresher for US pilots and aviations buffs who may have been away from CFR 14 Parts 91 and 61 for a while! For those outside of the aviation world, maybe you'll learn something!
10 Q
Dec 14 06
378 plays
29 Soaring and Gliding
Man carrying gliders have been around for over 100 years; test your knowledge on these machines and the sport surrounding them!
10 Q
Dec 28 05
333 plays
30 History of Flight
This is about the history of flight. it involves 'lighter than air' aircraft and 'heavier than air' aircraft.
15 Q
Nov 16 02
939 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* What company built the X-1 aircraft that Chuck Yeager flew through the 'sound barrier' on October 14, 1947?
* Which of these aircraft was a large 'flying wing' bomber prototype?
* Scott Crossfield became the first person to reach Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound) on November 20, 1953. What aircraft was he flying?
* What was the nickname of the Douglas X-3?
* What concept did the Bell X-5 test?

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