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Broomstix Buds
Daily Trivia Game
Broomstix Trivia Challenge II
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Today's game ends in 2 hours, 57 minutes.
Today's Topic (Monday): General Knowledge 1 : Very Easy
3 players have played so far today.
Your tournament host is CelticCraic

Welcome to our NEW *IMPROVED* Broomstix Trivia Game!

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Our Category Schedule:
Sunday: CELT's Question Pool
Monday: General Knowledge 1 : Very Easy
Tuesday: People 1 : Easier
Wednesday: CELT's Question Pool
Thursday: Science & Technology 1 : Easier
Friday: CELT's Question Pool
Saturday: Celebrities : Easier

Top 50 Scores So Far Today
Top 50 scores at end of the day earn points.
1. MrHappy44 + 3 pts 10!40960
2. u2bme + 3 pts 10!41959
3. CelticCraic + 2 pts 10!43957

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