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Hourly Games

Quick Quiz : Answer some questions.
Quiz of the Hour : A different FunTrivia quiz spotlighted each hour.
Mixed Trivia : Something for everyone, average difficulty.
Who's the Smartest? : A more difficult hourly game.
Piece of Cake : An easier hourly game.
Who's the Expert? : New topic each hour!
Fifty-Fifty : Only two choices!
Word Wizard : How well do you know the English language?
Fill Me In : Fill in the blanks as fast as you can!
Obscure Trivia : Very difficult!
Crystal Ball : Guess the word!

Daily Games

Daily Challenges : A new set of challenges issued for you each day!
FunTrivia Duel -- one on one daily game!
Daily Trivia Game -- new question set each day
Mind Melt -- language game
FunTrivia Knockout! -- weekly elimination game.
New Question Game : Play questions appearing for the first time.
The Monster Quiz -- new questions every day!
Who am I : Do you know your famous people?
Team Heroes -- can you help your team beat everyone else?
Team vs Team Daily Game -- compete against other teams!
Gold Member Madness -- a game for our Gold Members!
The World Quiz -- a game for our Gold Members!
Pot of Gold -- a game for our Gold Members!
The Great Quiz Race -- a game for our Gold Members!

Other Games

The Global Challenge
Crossword Puzzles