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FunTrivia Duel

Play a quiz and get matched up against one other player. Whoever scores the most points wins! - View Game Details
Today's Dueling Topics

   Pigs - The first of March is Pig Day - how much do you know about the source of your bacon? (Topic of the day: March 1, 2024)





   Social History ( Specialized History )

   Organizations ( World )

   Middle Earth Characters ( J. R. R. Tolkien )

   Thematic Nature ( Thematic Fun )

   Mixture: Game Shows ( TV Mixture )

   Female Names in Songs ( Names in Songs )

   Where am I? ( Where on Earth? )

   Phantom of the Opera, The ( Musicals O-Z )

   Scream ( Movies Q-T )

   A to Z Word Quizzes ( Alphabetical Words )

* Note that once you click a link, you must proceed with the game through completion. If you bail out and return to it later, you will be assessed a penalty.

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Recent Results (=Gold Member, =Editor)

2:02 PM: Zippy826 (979) beat GLitsmyt (762) at Thematic Nature
2:02 PM: LOUISFRIEND (583) beat albettjr (326) at Pigs
2:01 PM: GORTY (975) beat Moorfeen48 (953) at Geography
2:01 PM: shadow71 (933) beat Peep101 (884) at Thematic Nature
2:01 PM: 1PLAYER has joined the ranks of The Wolverines! (step 23)
2:01 PM: 1PLAYER (936) beat Sabre420 (771) at Geography
2:01 PM: powerme (858) beat Changeling_de (529) at Where am I?
2:00 PM: DIAK (842) beat GLitsmyt (738) at Mixture: Game S...
2:00 PM: charlie-1 (845) beat CEM9644 (699) at Social History
2:00 PM: ExiledJack (858) beat docj227 (738) at Where am I?
2:00 PM: AndySed (422) beat Biggodders (311) at Organizations
2:00 PM: docj227 (926) beat Wolfgang47 (877) at Thematic Nature

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