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Trivia Content Licensing

A database of over 2 million interesting and useful facts

Over the past 25 years, FunTrivia, Inc has collected the world's largest collection of trivia content. With nearly 2 million Question & Answer pairs covering everything from science and history to movies and pop culture, we have a wealth of factual information that can be used in various projects.

Out data has been used in Chatbot, AI, and Personal Speaker technologies to improve accuracy of results. Even Amazon, Inc. has used our data to improve the quality of their offerings. In the artificial intelligence world accuracy is becoming one of the most pressing issues to overcome, and FunTrivia's data can help your product or service take a leap in the right direction.

Typically we license our data sets out on a non-exclusive yearly basis, with updates sent out periodically to add new data and issue any corrections/modifications to data sets.

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