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The Producers

Created by husker7

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The Producers game quiz
"This quiz is all about film producers who have won Oscars for producing Best Film winners. Important note: whenever a year is mentioned it relates to the year a film was made not when it won the Oscar."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What distinction does Lucien Hubbard hold?
    He has received the most Oscar nominations of any producer
    He has produced the most Best Film winners
    He produced the first Best Film winner
    He is the only producer of Australian descent to win an Oscar

2. In recent years it has become almost customary for an entire posse of producers to take the stage when collecting the Best Film Oscar. But which of the following has been a sole recipient of the award?
    Jim Wilson
    Saul Zaentz
    Dan Jinks
    Branko Lustig

3. How many people collected Producer Oscars for "Shakespeare in Love"?

4. Who produced the Best Film of 1931, "Cimarron"?
    Irving Thalberg
    William LeBaron
    Harry Cohn
    Henry Blanke

5. Who was the second woman to produce a Best Film winner?
    Julia Phillips
    Lili Fini Zanuck
    Wendy Finerman
    Donna Gigliotti

6. Tony Bill is one of several actors who have produced Best Film winners. With which film did he make his acting debut?
    None but the Brave
    Marriage on the Rocks
    Soldier in the Rain
    Come Blow your Horn

7. Sam Spiegel won two of his three Oscars for producing films directed by David Lean. Who directed the third?
    Elia Kazan
    Michael Anderson
    Delbert Mann
    Fred Zinneman

8. Which of the following is the only person to produce Best Film winners in consecutive years?
    Irving Thalberg
    Sam Spiegel
    Darryl F. Zanuck
    David O. Selznick

9. Back to the 1930s. Which of the following Best Film winners was produced by William R. Sheehan?
    The Great Ziegfeld
    Grand Hotel
    It Happened One Night

10. Finally, a slight twist. Who collects the Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film winner?
    The Director
    The Film Studio President
    The Producer
    A Representative of the Film Studio

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Compiled Jun 28 12