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Quizzes on various languages from around the world. Explore and enjoy!

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folder Sign Languages (11) folder Worldwide Greetings! (21)
folder Afrikaans (5) folder Arabic (5)
folder Armenian (2) folder Bulgarian (3)
folder Chinese (25) folder Croatian (2)
folder Czech (2) folder Danish (3)
folder Dutch (22) category English
folder Esperanto (5) folder Estonian (1)
folder Filipino (11) folder Finnish (3)
folder French (96) folder Gaelic (7)
folder German (27) folder Greek (11)
folder Hebrew and Yiddish (14) folder Hungarian (3)
folder Icelandic (3) folder India, Languages of (25)
folder Indonesian (3) folder Italian (40)
folder Japanese (17) folder Korean (7)
folder Latin (45) folder Malay (9)
folder Maltese (2) folder Manx (1)
folder North American Native Languages (4) folder Norwegian (5)
folder Pacific Islands Languages (10) folder Polish (6)
folder Portuguese (6) folder Romanian (3)
folder Russian (8) folder Serbian (4)
folder Sesotho (2) folder Slovene (1)
folder Spanish (70, 1 new) folder Swahili (1)
folder Swedish (4) folder Thai (3)
folder Turkish (1) folder Urdu (5)
folder Vietnamese (6) folder Welsh (15)
folder Zulu (1)
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1 Afrikaans to Zulu
An epic A to Z tour of the world's languages. We'll be hitting every letter except V and every continent but Antarctica. Enjoy!
25 Q
Jan 04 08
19185 plays
2 What I Bought On eBay
I was bored with just buying from eBay's UK site, so I spread my wings and made some bids on a few things from other countries. What could possibly go wrong with that? Let's see!
10 Q
Jan 29 10
3525 plays
3 A World of Languages
Globalisation, you say. - Of course, but this does not yet mean it's a one-language-world, as this quiz tries to illustrate. Multiple choice for all questions.
10 Q
May 11 01
9261 plays
4 The Art of Translation (mainly German examples)
Formerly, translation was widely used in teaching foreign languages, and the more advanced pupils gained some idea of what translation is about. This is often no longer the case.
10 Q
Aug 22 13
291 plays
5 Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers
We all have a lot of fun repeating tongue twisters in our own native English but what happens when we try to repeat them in another language?
10 Q
Sep 08 09
1116 plays
6 A Brand (New) Language
Brand names are one way to investigate the power and scope of world languages. See if you can figure out what these different brand names are trying to say. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 10 11
717 plays
7 Extinct Languages of the World
Language can almost be considered a living thing. Languages are gradually born, can become endangered, and even become extinct. Here are a few questions on some of these languages which have died out and no longer have any native speakers.
10 Q
Feb 20 12
3675 plays
8 Racing Through World Languages
This quiz will ask you to identify which language is being spoken as you travel the world in the "Amazing Race".
10 Q
Feb 19 12
4878 plays
9 Fanatics Cheering Around the World
Australian tennis fans have been nicknamed the Fanatics. Can you recognize some of the chants they use and hear as they travel around the world? (Note that diacritical marks have not been included.)
10 Q
Mar 06 12
3729 plays
10 When Cats Attempt to take Over the World
The cat conspiracy is on! You thwarted last year's attempted dog coup, but cats are much smarter. Luckily, you've intercepted several messages by cat operatives; you just need to determine the language. The only clue you have is the word "cat".
10 Q
Nov 01 09
7626 plays
11 Romance Languages
Romance languages are the languages descended from Latin, the language of ancient Romans. Find out more about them!
10 Q
Oct 18 02
2784 plays
12 May the Kraft Be With You!
In Germany (and Sweden), 'kraft' means force; this doesn't mean that Luke Skywalker stopped the Sith with safety scissors and glue, though. See if you can pick out the foreign words or languages found in these "Star Wars" references. Good luck!
10 Q
Jan 21 11
537 plays
13 Le French Foreign Legion
Je m'appelle Capitaine Plodette of Le French Foreign Legion. I know a leetle English which will help me explain to you the language barriers I face when I train new recruits from around the world. Help me to translate pleeze.
10 Q
Feb 21 12
3396 plays
14 It's Harder in Other Languages
According to a popular expression, things can be 'as easy as 1, 2, 3!' But, it's harder in other languages. Can you count to three in ten worldwide languages?
10 Q
Nov 22 10
1047 plays
15 Sign Here
Having grown up with several deaf friends, American Sign Language has always been intriguing to me. Hopefully, by the end of this quiz, it will be to you too! Please note, unless otherwise specified, I am using ASL signs.
10 Q
Nov 04 13
156 plays
16 Cat Got Your Tongue?
Travel the world, and you'll see amazing things and meet amazing people -- but you can't do it all in English. Can you say "I don't understand," "Do you speak English?", or "I don't speak _____" in these ten languages ... or has the cat got your tongue?
10 Q
Feb 02 13
672 plays
17 Dog Will Have His Day
Dog may be man's best friend, but his mortal enemy, Cat, brags about being more revered. So Dog sets out on a journey to see how dogs are treated around the world. Can you pick the languages of the countries he visits based on their word for "dog"?
10 Q
Jul 07 11
1917 plays
18 Endangered Languages
Like plant and animal species, when a language becomes extinct, it's gone forever. Over half of the world's 6800 languages are endangered. Here are ten questions about language loss and language rescue.
10 Q
Sep 09 05
1071 plays
19 You Talk Too Much!
Language is part of every culture on earth. Languages grow and decline and even go extinct. Here are 10 questions about a variety of topics dealing with world languages.
10 Q
Nov 18 12
549 plays
20 Fruits and Vegetables In Cornish
Cornish is a Celtic language spoken in southwestern England. Dead for hundreds of years, it's now making a comeback. See if you can answer these simple questions about the Cornish language. It's pretty easy, even if you don't speak Cornish.
10 Q
May 08 09
1011 plays
21 Languages of the World
There are thousands of languages, some spoken by millions, some almost extinct.
15 Q
Nov 28 06
1707 plays
22 More Languages and Countries
How much do you know about what languages are the most spoken or the national languages of various countries?
10 Q
Nov 13 13
438 plays
23 Languages and Language Families
This is a tough quiz about languages and language families of the world. Enjoy.
10 Q
Jun 05 07
1143 plays
24 Extinct Languages of Europe
How many languages died since the dawn of humanity? Nobody knows. This quiz is to learn something more about a bunch of European languages now disappeared. (Most of the information is from the excellent site
10 Q
Dec 06 06
762 plays
25 Lesser-Known Tongues
This quiz concerns ten world languages that are not so commonly known. See how much you known about these tongues.
10 Q
May 31 14
243 plays
26 World Languages
Test your knowledge of the languages of the world.
10 Q
May 27 11
516 plays
27 Body Parts in Romance Languages
A simple test for those who love to learn other languages. I mention a body part in various languages and give you a clue. You just have to pick the correct name in English. Have fun!
Very Easy
10 Q
Apr 19 09
3465 plays
28 My Disaster Trip with Languages
It was a disaster! Please have a look at my diary of a recent trip where these obscure languages are still spoken. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to know only English.
10 Q
Oct 19 02
1449 plays
29 Indo-European Languages
Almost all languages from English to Hindi are descended from a dead language referred to as 'Proto-Indo-European' or PIE. I will give you numbers in various PIE-descended languages and you try to guess which number it is. Have fun.
10 Q
Oct 11 00
4623 plays
30 In Any Language
For this quiz, I will translate a word into three different languages. You will have to figure out what the word is in English. Good luck!
10 Q
Nov 29 05
4389 plays
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