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Here, you'll find all kinds of quizzes on linguistics -- the study of languages and their history. From the Indo-European language family to the International Phonetic Alphabet to the formation of pidgins, it's all here!

For quizzes about a particular world language (such as French or Malay), try following the link to the World Languages category.
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1 Travel the World of Indo-European Languages
Join me for a world tour of Indo-European languages! We'll be traveling over 6,000 years and 10,000 miles, so pack your suitcase and your linguistic intuition!
15 Q
Nov 15 05
8067 plays
2 'Hastings' and the English Language
It's common knowledge that after the Battle of Hastings, the 'Norman Conquest' created a mixed language with Anglo-Saxon and French vocabulary overlapping each other. This quiz deals with some of the more remarkable effects.
10 Q
Mar 31 02
9882 plays
3 How to Speak Without a Voice
Some babies have the ability to learn sign language before they can speak. Based on Acredolo & Goodwyn's research "Baby Sign Language" is a modification of "American Sign Language." See if you can answer these questions on "how to speak without a voice."
10 Q
Dec 19 11
2265 plays
4 This Quiz Made Possible by the Letter "R"
The friendly, familiar letter "R" is indeed a tricky little beastie. "R" you ready to find out more?
10 Q
Dec 08 07
4875 plays
5 What Did They Really Mean?
The word "malapropism" comes from Mrs. Malaprop, a character created by the playwright Richard Sheridan. She often used fancy words that were just plain wrong. I'll give you some famous malapropisms and you guess the correct term.
Very Easy
10 Q
Jun 21 04
18129 plays
6 Fun with Surnames
We all have one, but how much do we know about the surnames that we hear in our everyday life?
20 Q
Apr 12 05
7197 plays
7 Indo-European Languages
This is a general quiz on Indo-European language families. I hope you find it fun and informative!
10 Q
Oct 30 04
3558 plays
8 It All Sounds Greek To Me
Undoubtedly, it is very difficult to master the Greek language. However, most of us speak Greek every day even though we do not always understand it! This is a quiz dealing with the influence of the Greek language on the English vocabulary. Have fun! :)
10 Q
Dec 18 03
7248 plays
9 Basic Linguistics
Owing to the fact that my other linguistics quiz is too hard (!), I have decided to write a simpler one. It concentrates less on the theoretical side of linguistics.
10 Q
Oct 17 02
6528 plays
10 L-ing-guistics
How much do YOU know about the morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics, and pragmatics of "ing" usage? Yep. Me too. So you should do fine on this quiz!
10 Q
Apr 07 05
3495 plays
11 Into the origins of Western language alphabets
Alphabets are one of the most useful inventions, contributing immensely to the development of our world. Still, more people know in which school Madonna studied than where and how their writing system developed. To change that, play THIS Quiz!
10 Q
Apr 25 07
2175 plays
12 A linguistic trip through Europe
As anyone who has travelled through Europe knows, the languages spoken there differ quite a lot. Here are ten questions about some modern European languages and their predecessors.
10 Q
Nov 12 09
2412 plays
13 Sociolinguistics
Let's see how much you know about the subfield of Sociolinguistics.
10 Q
Mar 28 14
429 plays
14 Linguistic Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology deals with communication, language acquisition, language origins, and the cultural connections to language use. Have fun...
10 Q
Aug 19 02
4758 plays
15 Language - Viewed by a Linguist
Like an earlier quiz of mine, this offers a view of language and of grammar that may strike many as unconventional. If you are unfamiliar with linguistics please treat it as a learning experience.
10 Q
May 09 05
1671 plays
16 Homeric Questions
Homer's Greek is linguistically interesting-- a fact not known to most casual readers of the "Iliad" and "Odyssey" in translation. Take this quiz to find out more about the language and poetry of Homer! No knowledge of Greek required.
10 Q
Jun 12 04
1425 plays
17 Languages of Asia and the Americas
This might be a bit tough for those not in the language business, but give it a go anyway.
10 Q
Nov 17 05
1500 plays
18 Basic linguistics
This quiz tries to give a taste of linguistics by presenting some of the basic problems.
10 Q
Jan 04 10
1545 plays
19 Unconventional Grammar
Have you ever wondered what an essentially semantic grammar might look like? This quiz may shed light on this. Please note that in this kind of grammar the "Object" is inanimate, while the "Experiencer" is animate.
10 Q
Nov 14 04
2283 plays
20 Turkey In A China Shop
A quiz on country names which became legitimate words in various languages (with a slight bias towards Hebrew).
10 Q
Jun 14 08
1677 plays
21 Linguistics 2
This is just some more information that you can pick up in a basic Linguistics course.
10 Q
Mar 08 02
5841 plays
22 Linguistics 101
This is just some more information that you can pick up in a basic Linguistics course.
10 Q
Mar 08 02
5097 plays
23 Verbing the Noun
Our language keeps adding new words to accommodate advancing technology, and older ones die off from neglect. Pick the noun that best fits the verb it has become in the 21st century. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 14 14
876 plays
24 Let's Talk Consonants
Can you pronounce your consonants correctly? This quiz tests your knowledge on the pronunciations of 24 consonant sounds. Good luck and enjoy!
10 Q
Jul 30 08
1488 plays
25 Basic Linguistic Terms
Linguistic terminology won't - in itself - help you to improve your linguistic levels. Yet it may help you to have an insight in how a language functions. Terms are illustrated with examples from English, French, Spanish and German.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Mar 04 02
4140 plays
26 Linguistics
I present to you some rather challenging queries on the world of linguistics...good luck!
10 Q
Jun 08 01
2883 plays
27 The Art of Libretto Translation
After two MA dissertations on the subject, I know a thing or two about libretto translation, i.e. translation of a text that is meant to be sung. Let's explore some of the basics of this underrated discipline of translation studies.
10 Q
Nov 13 11
354 plays
28 Collective Nouns
Collective nouns are thought only to exist for animals, but in fact there are many groups (of humans) that also have collective nouns, based often on their gender or their occupation. Test your knowledge of these collectives in this quiz.
10 Q
Nov 08 10
1299 plays
29 Augmentative and Alternative Communication
This quiz concerns a range of communication strategies used by people with disabilities to convey or understand a message.
10 Q
Jan 31 08
849 plays
30 Son of Language Family Values
Somewhat easier than the first entry in the series (!), this quiz simply asks players to match a language to the correct family (or vice versa), or to pick the "odd language out"!
15 Q
Mar 08 13
573 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Who was considered the 'Father of Linguistics', a Swiss guy, who authored the seminal book entitled 'Course in General Linguistics'?
* What is the name of the linguistic school, which attempted to uncover 'Discovery Procedures'; that are internally imbedded, and compose the underlying units of language?
* Since language is arbitrary, but contain 'Permitted Moves'...what term best describes the system of this communicational system?
* What three components, generally, make up a system of a typical language?
* What is the smallest segment of sound, that comprises the basic building blocks of a language?

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