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Quizzes on various languages from around the world. Explore and enjoy!

  There are 694 quizzes in this category.
Take Languages - The Mixed Quiz ( Scores )
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
folder Sign Languages (11) folder Worldwide Greetings! (21)
folder Afrikaans (7) folder Arabic (5)
folder Armenian (2) folder Bulgarian (3)
folder Chinese (25) folder Croatian (2)
folder Czech (2) folder Danish (3)
folder Dutch (23) category English
folder Esperanto (6) folder Estonian (1)
folder Filipino (11) folder Finnish (3)
folder French (95) folder Gaelic (7)
folder German (27) folder Greek (11)
folder Hebrew and Yiddish (16) folder Hungarian (3)
folder Icelandic (3) folder India, Languages of (25)
folder Indonesian (3) folder Italian (40)
folder Japanese (17) folder Korean (9)
folder Latin (45) folder Malay (9)
folder Maltese (2) folder Manx (1)
folder North American Native Languages (4) folder Norwegian (5)
folder Pacific Islands Languages (10) folder Polish (6)
folder Portuguese (6) folder Romanian (3)
folder Russian (8) folder Serbian (4)
folder Sesotho (2) folder Slovene (1)
folder Spanish (75) folder Swahili (1)
folder Swedish (4) folder Thai (3)
folder Turkish (1) folder Urdu (5)
folder Vietnamese (6) folder Welsh (15)
folder Zulu (1)
More Languages and Countries

How much do you know about what languages are the most spoken or the national languages of various countries?
Average (10 qns)
Nov 13 13
468 plays
The Odd One Out: Languages' Style

Languages spoken around the world are as diverse as the people speaking them. Still, there are similarities - e.g. in the way they are spoken, written or structured. Your aim is to find the "odd one out", based on different criteria.
Tough (10 qns)
Dec 01 10
483 plays
Indo-European Languages

Almost all languages from English to Hindi are descended from a dead language referred to as 'Proto-Indo-European' or PIE. I will give you numbers in various PIE-descended languages and you try to guess which number it is. Have fun.
Average (10 qns)
Oct 11 00
4668 plays
Son of " The Answer is Always 'NO' "

Revisiting Dr. No's no brainer approach to knowing when "no" is being said in no-table nations.
Average (10 qns)
Jan 31 09
981 plays
Pwovb-yo d'Kreyl Ayisyen - Proverbs of Haiti

This quiz takes a look at the proverbs of the Caribbean nation of Hati. I'll give you the Hatian Kreyl & English translation. Can you tell me what it really means?
Average (10 qns)
Jan 01 16
105 plays
Fruits and Vegetables In Cornish

Cornish is a Celtic language spoken in southwestern England. Dead for hundreds of years, it's now making a comeback. See if you can answer these simple questions about the Cornish language. It's pretty easy, even if you don't speak Cornish.
Easy (10 qns)
May 08 09
1056 plays
All You Need Is Love

Each question concerns a romantic phrase in a European language. Could you find love with a Frenchman or a Russian, perhaps? Take this quiz and find out!
Tough (10 qns)
Jun 04 13
462 plays
Pidgin Turkish

I spent more than seven years as an ex-pat in Istanbul. The Turkish language is very different from English or my native German, I never achieved fluidity, but I did pick up some Pidgin Turkish. And I bet there are some words or expressions you know, too
Tough (10 qns)
Jan 26 15
117 plays
World Languages

Welcome to my quiz on language trivia. Sit back, relax, and see how much you know of world languages.
Difficult (25 qns)
Mar 17 02
2658 plays
Lesser-Known Tongues

This quiz concerns ten world languages that are not so commonly known. See how much you known about these tongues.
Tough (10 qns)
May 31 14
264 plays
The Languages of Dining and Wining...

around the world. Tell us where we went by how we ordered our meals, please. You might, also, want to tell us how to get off the excess pounds but be sure to do that in English.
Easy (10 qns)
Mar 21 12
708 plays
Yet More Languages and Countries

This is my third Languages and Countries quiz. See how much you know about the languages of the world!
Tough (10 qns)
Nov 18 13
399 plays
Languages and their Families

This is a quiz about language families and their members. I hope you will like it.
Tough (10 qns)
Dec 05 03
1041 plays
Country Names in French and German

The names given to countries vary through the languages. Even if you don't speak French or German, you'll do well in this one if you think hard enough. I give you the name for a particular country, you tell me the name of that country in English.
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 01 01
6825 plays
What Color am I?

In this quiz, I give you the name of a color in three other languages. Your job is to pick the correct color in English. Good luck!
Average (15 qns)
Jun 07 10
2571 plays
The Answer is Always "NO"

Dr. No's no brainer approach to knowing when "no" is being said in no-table nations.
Average (10 qns)
Jan 29 09
1485 plays
Guess That Language!

I am always fascinated by seeing the same text in a lot of languages. I have chosen a quote from the Bible, the Golden Rule, Matthew 7:12 - "do unto others what you would have them do unto you". Now tell me which language it is in.
Average (10 qns)
Sep 27 00
7755 plays
International Words and Phrases 2

This is my second quiz on this topic. Can you guess the meaning of these common international phrases that are often used in English?
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 04 13
720 plays
False Friends

As an English speaker learning a new language, false friends can really trip you up! A false friend is a word that sounds like a word in a different language, but does not mean the same thing. Learn how to avoid these common (and embarrassing) mistakes!
Average (10 qns)
Dec 03 13
453 plays
'Good Evening, Ruritania!'

Some bands from all over the world are setting off on imaginary international tours. This isn't a music quiz, by the way - instead, you have to tell me what the name of the country they're touring is in THEIR language.
Difficult (10 qns)
Apr 12 11
255 plays
Official Languages of the World

An official language is one that has been declared by governments as having special legal status within a country. Some have none, while others have several. How many can you recognize?
Tough (10 qns)
May 18 15
246 plays
International Words and Phrases

These are international words and phrases that have found their way into common English conversations. But what do they actually mean?
Average (10 qns)
May 16 12
585 plays
Happy Friday

Greetings. Friday is my favorite day of the week, so here is a quiz that says "Happy Friday" in other languages. Can you match the correct native language?
Average (10 qns)
Oct 20 15
273 plays
Romance Languages Revisited

Here is a quiz on the history and characteristics of Romance languages. Watch out, some foreign words and translation questions are thrown in!
Average (10 qns)
Apr 12 12
456 plays
Languages and Countries

Can you name the official language or the most widely spoken language in each of these countries?
Tough (10 qns)
Nov 11 13
630 plays
"What If" Situations

This little quiz involves testing your vocabulary in a variety of situations.
Average (15 qns)
Jan 22 03
2109 plays
The Cyrillic Alphabet

In January 2007 Cyrillic became the third official alphabet of the European Union. It is used by many different languages around the world. I hope you enjoy this quiz and learn something new about its interesting history and characters! :)
Average (10 qns)
Aug 19 09
288 plays
The Words of the Winds

The Four Winds (Lones78, zorba_scank, JanIQ and shuehorn) come from different areas of the world, and we would like to invite you to identify the languages and meanings of some weather-related terms in different languages. See how many of these you know!
Average (10 qns)
Feb 20 12
4044 plays
Read My Lips

Lipreading is one of the ways in which people who are deaf or hard of hearing communicate. See how much you know about it.
Average (10 qns)
May 07 13
411 plays
Exonyms and Eponyms

World travelers soon encounter the importance of language. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but globe trotters may well board the wrong plane without a little knowledge of the local lingo.
Difficult (10 qns)
Nov 20 08
441 plays
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