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1 Pick up your ears ! Romans are speaking!
Latin is one of the backbones of the English language. Can you translate English phrases back to Latin, or backwards? Good luck and have fun!
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10 Q
0 plays
2 Ready To Start
Are you ready to start driving around looking for intriguing Latin bumper stickers? Let's go! (Abeamus!)
10 Q
Apr 21 11
5682 plays
3 Common Latin Words and Phrases
This quiz is an author's challenge by Terry. Let's examine some circumstances in which understanding a few Latin words might come in handy.
10 Q
Aug 19 09
1623 plays
4 Lingua Latina Occasionibus Omnibus
Henry Beard's "Latin For All Occasions", aka "Lingua Latina Occasionibus Omnibus" provides an inspiration for those of us who studied Latin in school, and refuse to admit that it's a dead language. See how relevant Latin aphorisms can be!
10 Q
Sep 12 08
879 plays
5 Affected Latin: Phrases For Contemporary Use
Various internet resources have made available a plethora of Latin phrases for daily use. You've probably heard a few of these phrases before and may well be able to figure out the rest. And afterwards you can impress your friends!
10 Q
Jun 13 05
3357 plays
6 Latin Lives!
Who says Latin is a dead language? This quiz proves that it is alive and well - at least, partially.
10 Q
Jan 12 06
3207 plays
7 Beatles' Latin Song Titles
I will give you the name of a Beatles song - but in Latin. Your task is to correctly translate the song into its better known English name.
10 Q
Oct 08 09
915 plays
8 Minimus - Mouse on a Mission
Minimus is a cheese-loving Roman mouse living with a family in Britain. He is working hard to help children of primary school age to learn Latin. Join him on his job interview to see if you would be up to the task.
10 Q
Mar 06 09
552 plays
9 Pretend to have an expensive education with Latin!
You want people to think you went to an expensive school. Sadly you actually attended the local comprehensive where the uniform was "something blue". Never fear! Throw a little Latin around and the old boys/girls will welcome you with open arms.
10 Q
Oct 06 10
657 plays
10 Latin Legal Phrases from A to V
Although Latin is no longer spoken today as a native language, it lives on in the form of some legal phrases. Each question will give a definition in English, and you are to select the correct Latin phrase.
20 Q
Jan 03 11
600 plays
11 If Latin Weren't Dead
Suppose that people today spoke Latin. That's the premise of this quiz. A careful look at context clues in the question and the possible answers ought to result in a correct response.
10 Q
Oct 24 07
1035 plays
12 It's All 'Latin' to Me
How familiar are you with some of the Latin phrases that are used in English? Test your Latin expertise with this quiz. Choices in quotes are actual Latin translations (or my own fractured inventions designed to fool you).
20 Q
May 07 00
3684 plays
13 More Latin Phrases
When education was still a more elitist matter, it was seen as 'good style' to spice up one's letters, speeches and writings with a few Latin phrases. In this quiz you find a few relics of such more Latin-minded ages.
10 Q
Feb 04 02
2181 plays
14 Foreign Phrases: French, Latin, Italian
I'll give you the phrase in either Latin, French, or Italian and you give me the correct translation. Good luck. Note: Accent marks, etc. are not included.
15 Q
Dec 24 00
3879 plays
15 Latin Mottos
Latin mottos and maxims are often enigmatic and generally hard to translate. See what you make of this selection, and have fun!
10 Q
May 30 10
444 plays
16 Latin Words In English Disguise
Whether we like it or not, the English language still has a lot of its roots in good old Latin. Even our videoclips are from Latin ("video" = "I see") In this quiz the hints work like this: V_ _ _O = V+3letters+O = VIDEO.
20 Q
May 04 01
1782 plays
17 Latin Nouns
Match the Latin word to its definition, and have fun!
20 Q
Nov 04 00
3375 plays
18 Latin 201
Provided are some further words of some interest. Please note the words should not be in caps, however this Quiz format is stubborn.
10 Q
Dec 02 00
1752 plays
19 Latin Bases
I'll give you a Latin base and you tell me what it means.
10 Q
Sep 14 00
1665 plays
20 Latin Vocabulary
Choose the correct English meaning of the Latin word.
20 Q
Jun 19 00
3738 plays
21 Latina Animalia (Latin Animals)
This is a quiz about the Latin names for animals.
10 Q
Aug 09 00
2529 plays
22 Latin for You, Latin for Me
Brush up your Latin! This shouldn't be too hard.
10 Q
Aug 11 03
2241 plays
23 The Big Latin Quiz
Translate Latin into English and vice versa!
10 Q
Jan 29 01
2055 plays
24 Latin 101
Here are some common Latin words or parts you may have see inserted into the English language. See if you can determine the Latin meaning. Have fun.
10 Q
Dec 01 00
2496 plays
25 Latin Song Names
I will give you the name of a song, translated into Latin. You have to give the song name in the original English. All songs are from the 60s or 70s.
10 Q
Mar 02 05
813 plays
26 Latin & Spanish
Spanish is one of the languages that come from Latin. Many words in Spanish sound very close to those in Latin. But there are also many words that don't resemble each other at all. This quiz is about some of these words.
10 Q
Sep 18 03
1860 plays
27 Quotes From Latin Sources
In this quiz you find some 'popular' quotes from Latin sources. In most cases you have to guess their correct meaning.In a couple of cases you are required to know the source of the quote.
10 Q
Feb 26 02
849 plays
28 Latin Phrases
A number of standing expressions from Latin are still occasionally used in a non-scholarly context. In this quiz you can demonstate how familiar you are with some of those surviving phrases from a traditional 'classic education'.
10 Q
Jan 31 02
1485 plays
29 Latin Verbs
This is from my Latin notes. If you see anything wrong leave me a message. This should be very easy, its all multiple choice. Just think about English words that come from these words.
10 Q
Feb 03 02
1539 plays
30 Fearsome Expressions
Here are some of my favorite expressions. See if you can find the proper denotation listed below. Enjoy!
5 Q
Oct 06 00
1302 plays
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* What is the English meaning of the Latin word "Salve"?
* What is the Latin word for 'dog'?
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* What is the Latin word for 'frog'?

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