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"Yu-Gi-Oh" Battle City

Created by PrinceMagus411

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YuGiOh Battle City game quiz
"This is a quiz on the Battle City part of the anime show "Yu-Gi-Oh". It concerns the God Cards used in the show, as well as some battles and participants. One or two questions will be from the Duelist Kingdom portion of the series, so be careful."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Jounouchi didn't show up for Shizuka's operation because he lost a duel and in turn lost his Red Eyes Black Dragon. Which card did his opponent use to defeat him?
    The God of Ra
    Sealed Exodia
    Blue Eyes White Dragon
    Black Magician

2. Who did not sign up for the Battle City tournament?
    Ryouta Kajiki
    Dinosaur Ryuzaki

3. True or False: Keith Howard and Ghost Kotsuzuka entered the Battle City Tournament to get revenge on Jounouchi Katsuya.

4. Insector Haga is up to his old tricks again... which card was slipped into Jounouchi's deck during the Battle City Tournament and then used against him?
    Unleash Parasite
    Mind Leech
    Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth

5. Which of these cards did Seto Kaiba NOT have in his deck for the Battle City Tournament?
    Anti-Magic Viral Cannon
    Z Metal Caterpillar
    Blood Vors
    Devil Franken

6. Though the dubbed version edited it out, guns have actually been used several times and have played key roles in the character's next actions. Which of these people has never had a gun pointed at them at the Duelist Kingdom?
    Pegasus J. Crawford
    Seto Kaiba
    Ryou Bakura
    Mai Kujaku

7. One of the main rules with the God Cards is that you NEVER EVER make a copy of that card. What is the japanese, nontranslated name of the God Card Malik made a copy of?
    Answer: (5 Words)

8. In order to control Ra, what dialect must you be able to speak?

9. What is the Attack power of The Saint Dragon of Osiris as stated on the card?

10. What is Malik's relation to the person who gave Seto The Immense Divine Soldier of Obelisk?
    No Relation

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Compiled Jun 28 12