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Owen Hart: From Rocket to Black Hart

Created by BestThereIs77

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Owen Hart  From Rocket to Black Hart game quiz
"This quiz is dedicated to the late, great King of Harts, Owen Hart."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What masked persona did Owen Hart use in the early part of his career?
    Answer: (Two Words)

2. What was the first WWE pay-per-view that Owen Hart competed in using the name Owen Hart?
    "Wrestlemania VIII"
    "Wrestlemania VII"
    "Royal Rumble '91"
    "Royal Rumble '92"

3. Who was Owen Hart's first WWE Tag Team Championship partner?
    Jim Neidhart
    Koko B. Ware
    Davey Boy Smith

4. How many different tag team championship partners did Owen Hart have?

5. Which wrestler did not win the WWE Tag Team Championship with Owen Hart?
    Jim Neidhart
    Jeff Jarrett
    Davey Boy Smith

6. Who did Owen Hart defeat to win his first WWE Single's Title?
    Rocky Maivia
    Steve Austin
    Marc Mero

7. How many championships did Owen Hart win altogether in the WWE?

8. At what Pay-Per-View did Owen Hart tragically lose his life?
    "No Mercy"
    "Over the Edge"

9. Who was Owen Hart supposed to wrestle at the Pay-Per-View when Owen died?
    Billy Gunn
    The Godfather
    Jesse James

10. What arena was the site of the death of Owen Hart?
    Kemper Arena
    Civic Center
    Nynex Arena
    Greensboro Coliseum

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Compiled Jun 28 12