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The Jersey Devil Is On the Loose!

Created by draculanut31

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The Jersey Devil Is On the Loose game quiz
"You and a friend have decided to take a trip to southern New Jersey's Pine Barrens. You are having a wonderful time....until you spot the Jersey Devil! You must answer all the following questions right or he EATS YOU ALIVE! Run for your life!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The legend of my state begins in the 18th century, when a certain lady became pregnant with her final child. Feeling that she had too many to start with, she is said to have exclaimed: "May the Devil take this one!" How many children did she have-including her unborn child?

2. You and your friend must keep one step ahead! The answers to these questions are the only lifeline you have. Now for the next one: Which of the following New Jersey towns is the Jersey Devil NOT said to have originated from?
    Leed's Point

3. You find an axe to chop your way through the thick Pine Barrens with the Jersey Devil hot on your trail. Here is the next one. There are many stories as to how this child actually became a 'devil'. Was there ever a version that told of him being normal at first?

4. There are also many versions of the story that explain just WHY the Jersey Devil, after he was born, went away and stayed away. One story says that he stayed perched on a stoop of the house he was born in and his mother told him to go away and never return. Another says that a bold clergyman performed an exorcism. Here's the question for your life: How long did the exorcism last?
    75 years
    200 years
    100 years
    50 years

5. Now this brings us to the 19th century. There were many sightings of our friend during this time. By the way, these questions will get progressively harder! OK. Here's the question: In what year was the exorcism ended?

6. You finally make it to shelter when you see that the devil has superhuman power! What is it that he can do?
    Answer: (One Word--think of a plane)

7. As the Jersey Devil comes into the cabin, he does something that has been his trademark through the years. What is that?

8. As you're running through the thick Pine Barrens you notice lights ahead. You begin to run toward it. The Jersey Devil is gaining! Hurry! Just answer this: In what month was the Jersey Devil seen for the first time in the 20th century?

9. You make it to a village where there's live people! Your joy is short-lived, however, as you find that the Jersey Devil is still following you! Aw, nuts! And you thought you lost him! As he tears through the little pub that you ran into, you take off into the night. For the question: During the hysteria in 1909, what animal was captured by a Jacob Hope and Norman Jefferies, claiming it was the Jersey Devil?

10. Here is the final question. Is your mind clear? This will be rather simple. For your life--which T.V. program that deals with the paranormal had an episode entitled "The Jersey Devil"?
    Twilight Zone
    The X-Files
    The Dead Zone

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Compiled Jun 28 12