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I'm Vegas Bound

Created by linkan

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Las Vegas
Im Vegas Bound game quiz
"I'm Vegas bound. What shall I do, what should I see? Help me find my way around town."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. I sit down when I see a lonely dealer. She has one card up, it's a 10 of hearts. She has another card, I can't see it though. Wait! I'm getting paid $7.50 on my $5.00 bet. What game am I playing?
    Pai Gow Poker
    Spanish Enchilda

2. I want to see the casino that has the really bright light pointing up to the sky. What is the name of that place again?
    MGM Grand

3. What is the name of the buffet, it's the best French Buffet on the strip. It's in the Eiffel place. What is the name?
    Le Place to Eat
    Le Village
    Le Spot
    Le Paris

4. This casino has the most liberal blackjack in the world. It's downtown, what is its name again?
    Golden Nugget
    Four Queens
    Las Vegas Club

5. I think I'll walk across the street, listen to the guy at the piano and eat one of those "famous" 99 cent shrimp cocktails. What's the name of that casino?
    The Golden Gate
    The Plaza
    Golden Nugget

6. I want to go see Betty Boop. Which casino used to feature Betty in the back theme park?
    MGM Grand
    Treasure Island
    Golden Gate

7. I want to eat at that restaurant at Treasure Island and watch the ships at the same time. I want to eat my favorite dessert, the Grand Marnier Souffle is awesome. What is the name of that restaurant?
    Buccaneer Bay
    The Top of the World
    Precious Moments

8. Vegas has got everything from Hard Rock Cafe to Planet Hollywood. What is the giant thing that stands out front of Hard Rock Cafe?
    Drum Set

9. Down the strip a ways, you can ride one of the highest rides. It's on top of a casino, what is the name of the building it's on top of?
    New York New York
    Buffalo Bills
    Circus Circus

10. Three casinos have been blown up or torn down, which one was NOT one of them?

11. There are quite a few "Station" casinos. Which one is NOT a "Station" casino?
    Boulder Station
    Sunset Station
    Sam's Station
    Palace Station

12. What game would you be playing if the dealer says "Coming out" or "Eight the Hard Way"?
    Oh Crap

13. There are three colors on a roulette wheel. Which one is NOT?

14. There's a show at Bally's that has been around forever, it seems like. What is the name of this show?
    Siegfried and Roy
    Folies Bergere
    Comedy Club

15. All right, it's time to go home. I've lost all my money and I had a wonderful time, eating and gambling. Now I seem to forget the name of the airport. What is the name again?
    Answer: (One Word)

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Compiled Jun 28 12