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Ultimate LOTR - 'The Two Towers' Part 2

Created by thejazzkickazz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : The Two Towers
Ultimate LOTR  The Two Towers Part 2 game quiz
"The second installment in 'The Two Towers' portion of my 'ultimate' set of LOTR quizzes, this one covers the second book of the trilogy from the freeing of Théoden's mind at Edoras to the downfall of Saruman...good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas enter the great hall of Théoden in Edoras with a mind to wrest the king from the insidious control of Saruman and his accomplice Wormtongue. This task is managed primarily by Gandalf who discredits Wormtongue while at the same time appearing to remove the dark and vexing spell from Théoden's mind. The final chapter in the king's reconversion to the light is provided by the doorward Háma, who offers up Éomer's sword for Théoden to grasp. Following this, the king is once again reunited by his own sword. What is this sword called?

2. King Théoden and his riders depart from Edoras with Gandalf and company with much haste in order to make battle with the combination of Saruman's evil orc forces and the hillmen of Dunland under the evil sorcerer's command. In order to ensure the safety of Edoras while he is gone, who is assigned to command the remaining Rohirrim?

3. The Riders of Rohan, King at their side, ride up towards Helm's Deep where they will make a stand against the battle-hungry hordes of Saruman. Just prior to reaching the fortress of Helm's Deep they reach Helm's Dike, a trench of considerable length that is guarded by a number of men from Rohan. Who is the leader of the guards posted along the Dike?

4. During the great battle of Helm's Deep, a great slaughter of orcs and hillmen occur at the hands of the forces of Théoden, and our friends Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli get involved in the action as well! In fact, Gimli and Legolas engage in a morbid game of sorts, a kind of 'can you top this' with orc necks being the tally. Of Gimli or Legolas, which one manages to kill the most enemies during the ensuing battle?
    Answer: (Legolas or Gimli?)

5. Following the victory of the forces of Rohan at Helm's Deep, our protagonists ride towards Isengard to confront the villainous commander of the recently defeated orc army Saruman. Hence, they ride along the road to Isengard, the place within which Saruman dwells. What is the name of the great tower occupied by Saruman at the center of Isengard?
    Cair Andros

6. Merry and Pippin greet Gandalf, Aragorn, the King, and the rest of the company after they arrive in Isengard. The two hobbits relax among the ruins of Isengard, 'guarding' the tower within which Saruman and Wormtongue are now imprisoned. After some tales are told of war and devastation, happier topics are discussed among the friends. Merry is especially pleased to have come across what special 'stash' belonging to Saruman?

7. We discover that the Ents have indeed been responsible for the destruction of Isengard, having used their strength to rend the walls asunder and to scatter and crush the remaining servants of Saruman. The Ents also divert the river Isen to 'cleanse' the place of the foul evil that had existed previous. The Ents did not act alone in their fury against Isengard, however, some other tree-like allies fought by their side. What are these arboreal creatures called?

8. After learning all there is to know about the destruction of Isengard, Gandalf decides it is time to confront Saruman himself. Before he can approach the tower of Saruman, however, several of the party insist on joining him, including the two hobbits. Gandalf views this with some skepticism and concern, and warns his friends particularly about which of these?
    Saruman's voice
    Breathing the foul air near Saruman's abode
    Being lured into Saruman's tower
    Wormtongue's machinations

9. Gandalf's confrontation with Saruman ends with the cracking of Saruman's staff, symbolizing his ejection from the Istari. Following this, Saruman crawls back away from the window out of which his confrontation with Gandalf occurred. An item is then lobbed out of the window, narrowly missing Gandalf's head as it crashes to the stairs near his's a palantír! Which member of the party runs to retrieve the magical globe as it rolls toward a pool of water?

10. Which character ultimately takes possession of Saruman's magical stone, the palantír, that our protagonists retrieve from Isengard almost inadvertently?

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