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Socializing your Puppy

Created by crisw

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Socializing your Puppy game quiz
"Did you know that your dog's puppyhood experiences shape most of his outlook on life? Take this quiz to learn about the importance of socializing your pup!"

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1. What does "socializing your puppy" mean?
    Exposing your puppy to as many new people, animals and experiences as possible
    Letting your puppy play with other dogs
    Teaching your puppy to greet people nicely
    Making sure your puppy can tolerate large groups of people

2. When do responsible breeders start socializing their puppies?
    As soon as the puppies are weaned
    As soon as the puppies' eyes open
    At birth
    As soon as the puppies start to walk

3. What is the primary reason that socialization is vitally important?
    Making the adult dog more intelligent
    Preventing a puppy from nipping and mouthing
    Preventing fears in adult dogs
    Teaching a puppy how to greet people nicely

4. What age do most dog experts believe is the optimal age for a socialization program?
    7-16 weeks
    16-24 weeks
    2-8 weeks
    24-32 weeks

5. Puppies that are to grow up to be guard dogs should not be socialized to strangers, so that they will be more wary of them as adults.

6. Which of the following should you NOT do if your puppy seems afraid of something?
    Praise and reward any investigative behavior towards the object
    Move away from the object to a distance where the pup is calm
    Investigate and handle the object yourself
    Reassure the puppy, using a high tone of voice to tell him "It's OK, that won't hurt you."

7. With which of the following groups of people is it most vital to socialize your puppy extensively?
    Women and children
    Men and children
    Older people and people of different races
    Teenagers and older people

8. When socializing your pup with people, which of the following is most important?
    Make sure that strangers can handle the puppy
    Make sure the experience is pleasant for the puppy
    Discipline the puppy for any signs of aggression
    Make sure that the puppy tolerates rough handling

9. According to dog behaviorist Dr. Ian Dunbar, how many different people should your puppy meet between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks?
    At least 1000
    At least 25
    At least 50
    At least 100

10. "Puppy kindergarten" classes are a good way to socialize your pup.

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