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Bohemia and Moravia, 800-1620

Created by spudhead

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Bohemia and Moravia 8001620 game quiz
"Bohemia and Moravia - the present Czech Republic - have had a colorful history. If you know something of early Czech history or want to learn about it, this is the quiz for you."

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1. Around 863, two missionaries brought the Christian faith to the lands known as Moravia and later moved on to Bohemia, too. Who were they?
    Peter and Paul
    Cyril and Methodius
    Wenceslas and Ludmilla
    Pius and John

2. In the tenth century, an enlightened ruler who was later killed by his brother, came to the throne. He would become the patron saint of Bohemia. Who was this king?
    Charles IV
    Jan Hus
    Otakar II

3. After ruling for 400 years, which family became extinct when the last male was murdered in 1306?

4. During Charles IV's reign (1346-1378), Prague became a key center of the Holy Roman Empire. This period was known as _______?
    The Defenestration
    The Golden Age
    The Christian Age
    The Age of Enlightenment

5. Charles IV, a great builder and urban planner, transformed Prague into a magnificent city of 50,000 inhabitants which included:
    the Loretto Cathedral
    an art nouveau theatre
    the first university in Central Europe
    the Vysehrad Castle

6. The Golden Bull of 1356 gave Bohemia a special status. What was it?
    It was made a county palatine
    It was designated the homeland of the Czech nation
    It was named as an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire
    It was proclaimed a kingdom

7. In 1414, a national movement, inspired by a popular teacher and preacher who was burned at the stake for his views, began over two hundred years of civil wars and unrest in the country. Who was this man?
    Jan Hus
    Vladislav Bezdez
    Thomas Wycliff
    Jan Zizka

8. In the 15th century about two-thirds of the population of Bohemia was opposed to many aspects of Catholicism and, as a result, found itself fighting against the rulers. These protestors were known as ________ ?
    Primitive Protestants

9. This eccentric, 16th century Habsburg ruler 16th was the last to make Prague his permanent residence. He was an art collector and patron to writers and scientists. He showed religious toleration to all groups.
    Ferdinand I
    Rudoph II
    Prince Conrad Otto
    Josef II

10. On November 8, 1620, the Protestants were soundly defeated in this battle and 27 Czech nobles were executed in Prague's Old Town Square, their severed heads displayed to the populace.
    Battle of the White Mountain
    The Whitson Uprising
    Battle of Vitkov
    Battle of Brno

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