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"Itchy and Scratchy Land" Quiz!

Created by crumbworks

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Simpsons' - Season 6
Itchy and Scratchy Land Quiz game quiz
"In this season six episode, the family go on a vacation to Itchy and Scratchy Land, which is an island full of fun, excitement, and pain!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where does Marge originally want to take the family on their vacation?
    potato factory
    highway linen expo
    shoe outlet
    bird sanctuary

2. Lisa runs into Homer and Marge's bedroom and says what?
    "Itchy and Scratchy Land is free for the next 24 hours!"
    "Maggie's gone!"
    "Bart's dead!"
    "There's a UFO outside Bart's room!"

3. At Itchy and Scratchy Land, the place for adults is called...
    Parental Village
    Grown-up Town
    Adult Town
    Parents Island

4. What mean of transportation is used to take people to Itchy and Scratchy Land?

5. How much "Itchy and Scratchy Money" does Homer buy?

6. In one scene, Marge says "When do you show the consequences? On TV that mouse pulled out that cat's lungs and played them like a bagpipe, but in the next scene the cat was breathing comfortably!" What is the Itchy and Scratchy Land employee's response?
    "Do you have a point?"
    "Just like in real life."
    "I think you belong in the hole."

7. Which of these is NOT an area at Itchy and Scratchy Land?
    "Torture Land"
    "Detonation Land"
    "Searing Gas Pain Land"
    "Unnecessary Surgery Land"

8. The Simpson family parks in the Itchy lot.

9. The bartender at "Itchy's 70s Disco (Est. 1980)" closely resembles who?
    Nicholas Cage
    John Travolta
    Martin Sheen
    Mel Gibson

10. Finally, we end off with an easy one. What 'kills' the homicidal robots?
    disco music
    camera flashes
    fluorescent lights

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Compiled Jun 28 12