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The Curious World of Ajax

Created by jaydel

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ajax Amsterdam
The Curious World of Ajax game quiz
"You thought you knew everything about Ajax? Well, you don't! And here's the quiz to prove that. Have fun, good luck or whatever."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When Ajax won the 1995 title undefeated, it became the first team to be win the title undefeated?

2. What does Ajax have in common with the likes of Barcelona, Juventus and Bayern Munich?
    won a European Cup in every decade 1970s, 1980s and 1990s
    won all three European cup competitions
    were founded in 1900
    achieved international success when trained by a former superstar

3. What do the years 1969, 1988, and 1996, mean for Ajax?
    they won the title scoring more than 120 goals on each occasion
    they lost a final in Europe
    they won the double at the domestic level
    they produced the player of the year

4. Ajax has managed to score more than 20 goals against the same club in one season?

5. In 1941, during German occupation, Ajax was involved in one of the most amazing matches in its history. What happened?
    the father of Johan Cruyff scored a hattrick in the space of three minutes
    a spectator invaded the pitch and stopped a goalbound header
    the Ajax goalkeeper saved three penalty kicks
    Ajax drew 6-6 after falling 6-0 behind

6. In 1980 Ajax was hit for six, at home! Who was the culprit, scoring 6 goals at Ajax's home ground?
    SC Heerenveen
    MVV Maastricht

7. Ajax has a positive score against bitter rivals Feyenoord. But that doesn't mean that it hasn't suffered some crushing defeats, the biggest of them in the 1960s. What were the scores?
    7-2 and 8-1
    8-2 and 9-3
    9-4 and 9-5
    10-1 and 7-0

8. Like so many clubs, Ajax hasn't always played in the current strip. The first time it was worn was in 1911. Why was the original one changed?
    Ajax merged with another team. It kept its name, but the strip went.
    It was compulsary to change it ten years after being founded as a club.
    The players were bored with it and wanted another shirt.
    It resembled the strip of another team

9. Ajax have never been relegated from the First to the Second Division?

10. In 1917, nobody could argue that Ajax had the best team in the land. But they weren't crowned champions. Why?
    there was no official competition as The Great War raged
    Ajax won the most points, but goals were added to the total of points and Ajax scored too little
    an infringement on the domestic rules meant that Ajax were deducted too many points to become champions
    they played in the second division

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