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About The Clash

Created by cityrocker

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About The Clash game quiz
"The Clash is a great 70s-80s punk band."

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1. Who was the bassist for The Clash?
    Joe Strummer
    Mick Jones
    Paul Simonon
    Topper Headon

2. Which one of these people was a roadie and general helper for The Clash?
    Steve Jones
    Johnny Green
    Howard DeVoto
    Linder Sterling

3. Which music film was about The Clash?
    "Rude Boy"
    "The Filth and the Fury"
    "The Wall"
    "A Hard Day's Night"

4. What Is Topper Headon's real first name?

5. The song "Rock the Casbah" is about
    The Clash's being refused at all venues in Iran
    An all-night party
    The banning of pop music in the Middle East
    Joe's first love

6. Who primarily sang for the band?
    Mick Jones
    Topper Headon
    Paul Simonon
    Joe Strummer

7. What was Joe Strummer's real name?
    Joseph Reynolds
    John Savage
    Joseph Graham Conner
    John Graham Mellor

8. What crime were Paul and Topper arrested and held for committing during the filming of a Clash film?
    Driving under the influence
    Shooting pigeons

9. What was the name of The Clash's first album?
    "London Calling"
    "The Clash"
    "Combat Rock"

10. The Clash was unique in the punk rock scene because
    They were the first band to smash up their guitars onstage
    They invented gobbing, the band's spitting on the audiences and vice versa
    They included world styles like reggae, and were primarily a political band
    They were the first to write love songs

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Compiled Jun 28 12