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"Twelfth Night" - Do you know the text ?

Created by Philian

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night  Do you know the text game quiz
"Each question is a straight-forward multi-choice option about the action and the characters in this popular comedy by Shakespeare."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which two servants of Duke Orsino do we meet during the first scene of the play?
    Valentine and Cesario
    Curio and Valentine
    Curio and Feste
    Fabian and Sebastian

2. How does the Captain try to reassure Viola about the fate of her brother whom she believes lost in the shipwreck?
    He says he saw him landing on a sandbank.
    He says he saw him swimming strongly to shore.
    He says he saw him tie himself to a strong mast that was floating well.
    He says he saw him being picked up by another ship.

3. According to the Captain he knows Illyria well because of which of the following reasons?
    He was a traveller to this country when he first went to sea.
    He had been held prisoner in Illyria for many years.
    His relations all moved there when he was very young.
    He was born and bred just three hours away from the spot they stand on.

4. As well as her brother which other relation of Olivia's has died within the last few years?
    her mother
    her father
    her sister
    her cousin

5. In what way does Viola hope to make her living at the court of Orsino?
    by becoming his secretary
    by becoming his messenger
    by telling him stories
    by singing

6. To what does Sir Toby Belch say he drinks every night?
    the health of his niece Olivia
    the good fortune of his friend Sir Andrew Aguecheek
    the confounding of his enemy Malvolio
    the beauty of the servant maid Maria

7. What does Sir Andrew blame for his "dull wits"?
    the fact that he drinks too much Canary wine
    the fact that he eats too much beef
    the fact that he stays up too late with Sir Toby
    the fact that the climate is too hot and sultry

8. Why does Orsino believe that Viola (in her disguise as Cesario) will have some success in pushing forward his love suit with Olivia?
    because Viola is a persistent person
    because Olivia has started to sing again
    because Olivia is now open to messengers again
    because Viola is young and not like a man

9. How does Feste manage to prove that Olivia is the one who should be identified as the fool?
    He points out that she could marry Orsino and be happy.
    He says she is rich, young and beautiful but remains unhappy.
    He says that she has sent him away when he could cheer her.
    He points out she is mourning for her brother who has gone to heaven.

10. How does Olivia prepare for Viola's entry on the first occasion that she comes as Cesario?
    by getting Maria to give her a fan to hide behind
    by getting Maria to put a veil over her face
    by getting Maria to prepare a private seat to hide in
    by getting Maria to have Malvolio ready to intervene

11. After Viola has gone Olivia knows that she has fallen in love with him (Cesario). To what does she compare this quick falling into love?
    catching the plague
    being struck by an arrow
    tumbling over a cliff
    being dangerously drunk

12. Why does Antonio not immediately accompany Sebastian to Orsino's court?
    He wants to find Viola first and make Sebastian really happy.
    He has enemies from the past who will recognise him.
    He wants to go to the bank and get some money.
    He needs to write a letter to his relations.

13. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew decide that they must have a "catch". What is a "catch"?
    a special dance in three-four time
    a song for three or four voices
    a large firkin of ale
    a woman whose favours they can share

14. Malvolio says that by their singing Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Feste have turned Olivia's house into?
    a mad-house
    an ale-house
    a brothel
    a brigand's den

15. What is the theme of the song sung by Feste to the Duke?
    It is about the happiness of love returned by a fair maid.
    It is about death and being killed by a cruel fair maid.
    It is about the joy of a life on the ocean wave.
    It is about the trials and tribulations of a clown.

16. To whom is Viola referring when she says, "She sat like Patience on a monument, Smiling at grief.."
    Viola's mother
    an imaginary vision of Olivia thinking of her dead brother
    an imaginary vision of Maria thinking of Sir Toby
    an imaginary vision of herself

17. To which fish does Maria compare Malvolio when she sets the letter down for him to find?
    a pike
    a trout
    a minnow
    a perch

18. Where does Antonio arrange to meet Sebastian after the occasion on which he gives him his purse?
    At an inn called "The Compasses"
    At the court of Duke Orsino
    At Countess Olivia's house
    At an inn called "The Elephant"

19. What does Olivia describe as "midsummer madness"?
    Malvolio's behaviour as a result of Maria's letter.
    The strange way she has fallen in love with Cesario(Viola).
    The Duke's persistence in trying to woo her.
    Sir Andrew's behaviour when he tries to woo her.

20. Who intervenes to help Viola when it looks like she is going to be attacked by Sir Andrew?
    Sir Toby Belch

21. Which person fetches Sebastian to Olivia in the mistaken belief that it is Cesario (Viola)?

22. Which person disguises himself as Sir Topas in order to torment Malvolio whilst he is locked away?
    Sir Toby

23. What is the name of the ship that Antonio boarded when Orsino's nephew lost his leg in the fight?
    The Dragon
    The Lionheart
    The Lion
    The Tiger

24. To what does Antonio compare the resemblance of the twins Viola and Sebastian?
    the real thing and the portrait of it
    one apple that has been cut in two
    the reflection of a person in a looking glass
    two peas that lie together in the same pod

25. Which character finally tells the truth to Olivia about the letter that deceived Malvolio into appearing in yellow stockings and cross-gartered?
    Sir Toby

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