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folder Name the Play (32) folder Shakespeare Lines and Quotes (31)
folder Antony and Cleopatra (2) folder As You Like It (3)
folder Comedy of Errors (2) folder Cymbeline (2)
folder Hamlet (19) folder Henry IV (2)
folder Henry V (3) folder Henry VI (2)
folder Julius Caesar (21) folder King Lear (7)
folder King Richard III (2) folder Life of Timon of Athens (1)
folder Love's Labor's Lost (2) folder Macbeth (14)
folder Measure for Measure (2) folder Merchant of Venice (5)
folder Midsummer Night's Dream (9) folder Much Ado About Nothing (4)
folder Othello (5) folder Richard II (5)
folder Romeo and Juliet (16) folder Taming of the Shrew (4)
folder Tempest (2) folder Titus Andronicus (3)
folder Twelfth Night (6) folder Two Gentleman of Verona (2)
folder Winter's Tale (2)
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1 The Right Fight
Shakespearean fight scenes are often tense, glorious events that put you on the edge of your seat. I give you some context, the "challenger" of the fight, and you name the other member of the fight.
10 Q
Dec 01 12
555 plays
2 Shakespeare's Garden
A quiz about the many herbs, flowers, trees, and plants mentioned in Shakespeare's plays and poems. Enjoy & Good Luck!
15 Q
Feb 14 04
1797 plays
3 The Shakespeare Diaries
In a tea chest in an ancient cottage, the diaries of William Shakespeare were recently discovered. I was tasked to translate them into modern English. The entries are rather oblique, but they all point to works by, or about, the great man.
10 Q
Jul 31 09
1824 plays
4 Shakespeare's Girls
Which of Shakespeare's feisty female characters, in which play, fit the descriptions and speak the lines quoted?
10 Q
Jun 15 12
1515 plays
5 Shakespeare's Characters
A trip around some of The Bard's more colorful characters...
Not Rated
10 Q
0 plays
6 R - Rated Moments in Shakespeare
You might think that Shakespeare is all about doublet and hose, Elizabethan propriety, and the strictly PG. Let me disabuse you of that notion as we explore the violent, the racy, and the titillating of Billy's canon. Spoiler warning up front!
10 Q
Feb 13 12
390 plays
7 Hey, I'm Not Shakespeare!
Shakespeare is so famous that many people think he was the only writer in Elizabethan England. I'm going to let some contemporaries of the Bard tell you about themselves in their own words, and your job is to identify them. Let's have some fun.
10 Q
May 31 12
309 plays
8 The Bard's World of Wild Magical Truth
Let's bear witness to the magical moments of the Shakespeare canon with these beautiful images of the supernatural visiting the Bard's characters.
10 Q
Nov 24 13
450 plays
9 Shakespearean Dukes and Earls I
Shakespeare's history plays are populated by numerous dukes and earls. How well do you know them?
10 Q
Dec 17 03
354 plays
10 William Shakespeare's Quiz
Did the Bard really write a Trivia quiz on his own plays? Submit thyself to the inquisition and to thine own conclusion come.
10 Q
Sep 26 04
1164 plays
11 The Life and Death of King John
If you know a bit of medieval history, OR if you've read the play, you'll get my hints about characters in William Shakespeare's "The Life and Death of King John" (usually called simply "King John"). So plunge into the fray!
10 Q
Mar 13 13
210 plays
12 Forecasting the Weather
Many of Shakespeare's characters suffered at the hands of the weather, or made reference to it in their speeches. If only they'd listened to the weather forecast, they might have avoided some of the problems that befell them.
10 Q
Mar 17 14
318 plays
13 Shakespeare Grab Bag
I knew I'd get around to Shakespeare eventually...Enjoy this veritable grab bag, covering Shakespeare's plays, poetry, and life.
20 Q
Mar 17 03
1365 plays
14 Fairly Simple Quotes From Shakespeare
All quotes are taken from some of the Bard's more familiar plays. All questions are multiple choice. This is my quizzy # 1; hope, like Puck, you'll have some fun!
10 Q
Jun 30 06
972 plays
15 Plays by the Bard
Join me in celebrating the plays of William Shakespeare (Apr. 23, 1564 - Apr. 23, 1616).
10 Q
Aug 30 06
1722 plays
16 Shakespeare For Dummies
A quiz for those of you like me who didn't pay enough attention in English lessons at school!
10 Q
Oct 29 10
2463 plays
17 Sad But True
A Metallica quiz? Not even. This quiz will look at ten Shakespearean Tragedies and how they exemplify the phrase 'sad but true'. Each question will begin with a synopsis of the sad but true event portrayed.
10 Q
Jan 27 12
522 plays
18 Shakespeare's Music
Shakespeare uses music very cleverly to heighten moods or to change or dispel moods. I love his songs particularly when played on historic instruments. Let this quiz take you through some of his musical interludes.
10 Q
Mar 25 04
357 plays
19 The Strength of Kings
There are ten history plays of Shakespeare, each with a king facing major problems and taking action. The strength of those actions can determine the fate of their reign...
10 Q
Sep 06 13
258 plays
20 Another Lonely Valentine's Day
A bunch of Shakespeare characters are in a bar, lamenting their unrequited loves on Valentine's Day. I'll give you the character's situation, you tell me the person who doesn't love them back.
10 Q
Mar 09 13
291 plays
21 The Upstart Crow: A Literary Mystery
This is a quiz about the famous quotation concerning an "upstart Crow" that is said to be the first mention of William Shakespeare in print. It is likely to be very difficult if you do not have some familiarity with Elizabethan history and literature.
10 Q
Jun 17 14
183 plays
22 Confused Characters
Shakespearean characters have been spotted in the wrong plays and are being ratted out by those plays' characters. Your job is to identify both the character who is speaking and who is being discussed.
10 Q
Jan 10 06
828 plays
23 Face the Consequences
Many Shakespearean characters end up punished for crimes or perceived crimes - I'll describe a punishment and you tell me who faces those consequences!
10 Q
Jan 17 14
234 plays
24 Shakespeare's Treasure Hunt
Shakespeare uses jewels in his writing to point up beauty, strength or tragedy. Which jewels are missing from these quotations? Watch out for my CAPITAL hints.
10 Q
Oct 01 04
948 plays
25 Kingdoms Without Kings
There are many times in Shakespeare's works where a kingdom will be between rulers, have a confusion as to who is the king, or otherwise be a seemingly rudderless ship. Answer these questions about such instances - Long live the King! Whoever that is...
10 Q
Feb 16 12
252 plays
26 Prayer and Invocation in Shakespeare
Shakespeare's characters will every so often pray or invoke supernatural powers - can you answer these questions about such religious and supernatural moments?
10 Q
Jul 05 13
228 plays
27 Shakespeare's Riddles
Many of Shakespeare's plays contain riddles or contests. This tricky quiz features several of the most famous scenes. Can you solve these questions on questions?
15 Q
Nov 24 03
852 plays
28 Death by Shakespeare
"Exeunt severally..."Famous Shakespearean characters and their famous deaths. Do you recall how these characters died in the plays?
10 Q
Jul 17 02
2085 plays
29 Shakespeare's Antonios
Antonio is quite a popular name for Shakespeare, appearing in several different plays. Can you distinguish one Antonio from another?
10 Q
Jan 06 05
315 plays
30 Shakespeare's Characters - Not in the Play
I'll give you the name of a play. You pick which character is NOT in that play. (At the end, I'll give you the name of at least one play where that odd character can be found.)
10 Q
Jun 28 00
2778 plays
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* In the movie 'Shakespeare in Love', what work was young Will writing that turned out to be one of his most famous plays?
* In what year was Shakespeare born?
* What is Hamlet's mother's name?
* How many of Shakespeare's plays were published during his lifetime?
* What solo singing artist's CD shares the same name as Hamlet's Ophelia?

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