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Play Shakespeare Lines and Quotes Topic Mash!
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 Billy's Most Quotable Quotes
The speaker of the quote narrates the question, you then tell what quote is the answer. Keep in mind that we're counting down (what in my opinion are) the top 25 most recognizable and all-around quotable Shakespeare quotes.
25 Q
Sep 17 06
6243 plays
2 What's in a Title? It's a Shakespeare Quote!
Among the Bard's innumerable contributions to Western culture (not least quiz-making), let's not forget catchy phrases to name your literary efforts! Here are some well-known examples from the 20th century.
10 Q
Mar 25 07
4824 plays
3 Food and Drink? Right away, Mr Shakespeare!
Keen as mustard for a Shakespearean quiz? Don't get in a pickle. Here are ten quotes from the Bard's work for you to devour as they all have a food or drink in them.
10 Q
Aug 13 14
237 plays
4 Why Did Shakespeare Say That?
This quiz requires a knowledge of Shakespeare's works. It deals with things that are unusual or difficult to understand in the plays and sonnets. You may find it difficult, but don't worry about your score, just have fun!
10 Q
Jul 30 14
159 plays
5 Shakespeare Had Vampires?!
To answer kyleisalive's Author Challenge, no, he didn't. To make up for that omission he did include one or two murders and/or the occasional death from anything but old age. Following are lines from Shakespeare's characters who met untimely deaths.
10 Q
Jan 31 12
264 plays
6 What Shakespeare Did For The English Language
As well as being a prolific writer, William Shakespeare brought to us many words, phrases and descriptions that have long since entered common usage. See if you can spot where they came from, or who said them.
10 Q
Jun 14 10
555 plays
7 Shakespeare's Fools
"Wise enough to play the fool". How well do you know the Fools and Clowns of Shakespeare's plays? Match the quotation and information to the character.
10 Q
Oct 15 12
231 plays
8 To Thine Own Quote Be True
Shakespeare's masterpieces each have brilliant characters with memorable plots...but can you recognize some of these famous quotes?
10 Q
Feb 28 10
585 plays
9 Who Says What In Shakespeare?
We all know it was Hamlet who wondered whether it was better to be or not to be. Some other quotes may be less well known, but still meaningful in the context of the play. Have a try.
10 Q
Sep 27 01
3420 plays
10 A Big Shakespearean Bash
You've decided to have a party with all of Shakespeare's characters as the guests! Of course, there are introductions all around. Can you guess who is introducing themselves in these quotes?
25 Q
Oct 07 03
1656 plays
11 Quotes from Shakespeare's Plays
So you think you know your Shakespeare. I'll give you a quote and you give me the play.
25 Q
Jul 25 00
3930 plays
12 Shakespearean Phrases: From Which Play?
I'll provide a famous phrase from Shakespeare, and you tell me where it came from.
10 Q
Mar 20 01
4584 plays
13 Name That Shakespeare Quote!
This is a quiz on quotes from Shakespeare's plays. I'll give you the quote, you identify the play.
20 Q
Mar 07 02
2388 plays
14 First Lines From Shakespeare
Many of us can quote famous lines from Shakespeare, but how many of you know the opening lines to some of his works? The format is simple- I say the quote, you name the play!
25 Q
Jul 31 10
348 plays
15 From Start to Finish
How well do you know Shakespeare's plays? From start to finish? How about just start and finish? A quiz on the opening and closing of Shakespeare's plays.
10 Q
Jan 20 05
966 plays
16 What Shakespeare Play is this Quote From?
This is my second quiz. William Shakespeare's quotes are unique. In this quiz, I say the quote and you guess the play it's from. Have fun and good luck!
10 Q
Apr 02 09
840 plays
17 Finish the Quote: Richard III
I adore "Richard III". The animosity between Anne and Richard is fantastic.
10 Q
Jul 16 03
570 plays
18 Mixed-Up Shakespeare
I've taken some very famous Shakespeare quotes and translated them through Italian, French, Dutch, and then back into English. You name the play that the original quote comes from.
15 Q
Jun 09 08
531 plays
19 Tough Shakespearean Quotes
We've all heard them, but who said it? Shakespeare really did know it all, didn't he?
10 Q
Mar 05 00
2925 plays
20 Name That Shakespeare Quote! of this will be easy, others not as much. Watch out! I'll give you a quote, you identify the play. I've thrown in a few fill in the blanks for good measure.
25 Q
Mar 21 02
1476 plays
21 Shake's Quote Quiz
Welcome to the Bard's general quiz. Some are easy, some are not. The questions are mostly either "guess who" or "which play". Hope you enjoy.
10 Q
Jul 01 00
1449 plays
22 All that Glitters...with William Shakespeare
In his plays, Shakespeare made good use of the words gold and silver. In this quiz, you'll be given examples of some of those instances and you have to choose the correct play. Note that he used these words under different contexts from play to play.
15 Q
Feb 25 04
558 plays
23 First Lines From Shakespeare
All you have to do is match the opening line to the play.Give it a try and I hope it's not too hard!.
10 Q
Aug 28 00
2667 plays
24 Will Power! Complete the quote!
A collection of well-known (and downright obscure!) quotes from the Bard of Stratford-on-Avon. Fill in the gap!
10 Q
Sep 20 02
2034 plays
25 Time For Shakespeare
This collection of quotes from Shakespeare's plays all deal with the subject of time. Do you know which play each quote is from?
10 Q
Jul 31 03
642 plays
26 Think You Know Shakespeare?
I will give you lines from the Shakespearean work, and you pick the work it should be paired with. Some of the lines are a little obscure and some are easy. Enjoy!
15 Q
Nov 15 00
1113 plays
27 Great Quotes From Shakespeare
To be or not to be, that is the quotation! Following are ten quotes from Shakespeare's plays: See how much you know about the plays to which these belong.
10 Q
Sep 08 02
1407 plays
28 Shakespeare: First Or Last Lines
These lines from Shakespeare are either first or last lines from his various works. Your job is to decide which play they are taken from.
10 Q
Nov 10 00
1446 plays
29 Shakespeare
Name the play these quotes are from..
15 Q
Apr 19 00
2283 plays
30 Shakespearean Insults
Shakespeare may have had a way with words but his characters can be downright their own poetic way. See if you know which play or character these insulting verses are from.
20 Q
Aug 10 02
801 plays
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* 'She doth teach the torches to burn bright!'
* 'But, for my part, it was all Greek to me.'
* 'A plague o' both your houses! I am sped.'
* 'Sir, I love you more than words can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty,'
* 'Frailty, thy name is woman!'

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