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'I Love Lucy' Trivia

Created by Ken1260

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I Love Lucy Trivia game quiz
"Welcome to 'I Love Lucy' Trivia, the show that all sitcoms will be compared to."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was Lucy arrested for in Paris?
    Counterfeit artwork
    Counterfeit money
    Wearing a potato sack for a dress
    Having no passport

2. What Music star did the Ricardo's and Mertz meet on the way to Hollywood?
    John Wayne
    Elvis Presley
    Tennessee Ernie Ford
    Tony Bennett

3. What type of store did Lucy and Ethel buy?
    Dress Shop
    Dance Studio
    Catering Company

4. What did Lucy bring back from Europe and disguise it on the plane as a baby?
    Answer: (1 word)

5. What did the Mertz's take the Ricardo's to court for?
    Over a Lucky Dollar
    Over their lease
    Over a Washing Machine
    Over a Television Set

6. When the Ricardo's went to Europe, by what mode of transportation did Lucy get to the Ship by?
    Answer: (1 word)

7. Whose footprint did Lucy and Ethel steal while in Hollywood?
    Answer: (2 words)

8. What Superhero did Lucy pretend to be for Little Ricky's birthday party?
    Answer: (1 word)

9. What name did Lucy's mother always call Ricky?
    Answer: (1 word)

10. Which of the Marx brothers did Lucy impersonate?

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Compiled Jun 28 12