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Album Covers

Created by dan916

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Album Covers game quiz
"Quite often, albums are found that have very distinctive cover art work. This quiz tests to see how many of them you can name from my description. If you've ever listened to any of these albums, then you'll get the artwork straight away!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. An easy one to start! Which Guns N Roses album features a front cover entirely covered in spaghetti?
    Answer: (Three Words - No Punctuation)

2. This Nirvana album featured a newborn baby underwater, reaching out to grab hold off a dollar bill. Can you name it?
    Answer: (One Word)

3. An amusing album cover this one, featuring a close up photo of a white and black cow. The photo focuses on the udder, showing it to be pierced with a ring! The band's logo appears on the cow as well. Can you name this Aerosmith album?
    Permanent Vacation
    Nine Lives
    Get A Grip

4. Another Aerosmith album cover this time! This one featured two pick up trucks, one climbing on the back of the other. What was this album called?
    Get A Grip
    Permanent Vacation
    Nine Lives

5. The album Troublegum had another rather odd cover design. It featured a guy sitting with his head and shoulders in a dustbin, and nothing else! But do you know who was responsible for this album?
    Pearl Jam
    Neds Atomic Dustbin

6. The Prodigy have always been known for their eccentricity, often visible in their albums. Do you know which of their album covers featured a large crab on the beach, reaching its claws out at the camera aggressively?
    The Dirtchamber Sessions
    Music For The Jilted Generation
    The Fat of The Land

7. This album featured a cartoon drawing on the front, of a young boy on a swing. The boy has a broken leg, pinned in place, and has an over-sized insect on his lap with him! Can you name this album by The Offspring?
    Answer: (One Word)

8. Still on the punk-rock theme, do you know which Green Day album featured two black and white photos on the front, both of middle aged men, each having a large yellow spot over their faces, with the album name written in the spots?
    1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

9. Here's another drawn album cover, and it's quite a tough one. The cover features a scene of a large tower rising up out of the flames, surrounded by menacing thunderclouds, with a large bat sat on the tower. Riding down towards it from the sky is a long haired biker riding on the back of a large motorcycle! Any ideas, and think carefully about this one!
    Answer: (5 Words)

10. A tough one to end on here, but if you've got the album it'll be easy! This album has a very simple cover. It is all black, with a the band's name in the top left corner, apparently faded away so it is only just readable. In the bottom right corner is a faint coiled snake. Recognise it? If you do, then you'll be able to tell me the artisit!
    Pearl Jam
    Guns N Roses

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Compiled Aug 04 13