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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 The Humble Mosquito
It may only be little but the mosquito has been man's greatest adversary in the animal kingdom, affecting social policy and even wars.
10 Q
Mar 11 08
3639 plays
2 Butterflies
A tribute to arguably the most beautiful of all insects. This quiz may be difficult without pictures, but the topic is well worth the effort!
10 Q
Aug 15 06
2763 plays
3 Seventeen-Year Cicadas
Hear that chirping? On a seventeen-year-cycle in different regions of North America, three species of the Magicicada genus stage their mass invasions. Their chatter dominates the summers, but what do you know of what they're chattering about?
10 Q
Jun 22 07
1692 plays
4 Let's Bee Friends
Ten hopefully interesting facts about bees, those industrious little insects that play a larger role in our lives than you might think.
10 Q
Jan 13 12
756 plays
5 The Amazing Cockroach
Throughout the world the cockroach is feared, despised and treated with revulsion. Millions of dollars are spent annually, trying to eradicate this insect. What do you really know about this fascinating creature?
10 Q
Sep 15 09
780 plays
6 Wicked Wasps?
Wasps? Those evil little black and yellow insects that sting you for no reason and spoil your picnic by landing on your jam sandwiches? Or is there more to them? This quiz focuses mainly on social wasps found in the UK.
10 Q
Oct 11 08
1653 plays
7 All about Bees
It's time to get busy. How much do you know about bees? All questions have been submitted by fellow members of "The Bees Knees" team. Hope you enjoy it!
10 Q
Oct 19 08
2418 plays
8 Plight of the Bumblebee
This quiz is about the lovable insect known as the bumblebee.
10 Q
Dec 07 14
165 plays
9 Pesky Ladybugs! A Semi-serious Quiz
Prepare for a shock! Exotic predators are replacing the cute little bugs that children delight to hold in their palms. How much do you know about the invasive and vicious Harmonia axyridis?
10 Q
Oct 20 07
1206 plays
10 Fruit Flies Like a Banana
The humble fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, is a fascinating little creature beloved by students of genetics and hated by wine drinkers. See what you know - not all of these questions need specialised knowledge!
10 Q
Nov 25 07
903 plays
11 Tales from the Ant Hill
Ants are one of the most numerous animals on the planet. The come in thousands of different species and are a vital part of their ecosystems.
10 Q
Apr 08 15
183 plays
12 Grasshoppers!
Here is a quiz pertaining to one of the most fascinating of the world's insects!
10 Q
Sep 04 08
1590 plays
13 Tarantula Hawk
The name sounds fearsome but once you get to know them you will see they really aren't that bad, unless you happen to be a tarantula. Arachnophiles, proceed at your own risk as some tarantulas were definitely harmed during this quiz
10 Q
Apr 13 15
96 plays
14 I've Seen An Elephant Fly
The obvious quiz with a title like this one would be about a young big eared pachyderm. However, here instead, is a quiz on flies. Thank you to Mink for the title challenge.
10 Q
Sep 24 09
486 plays
15 Dragonflies and Damselflies
As they patrol the edge of the pond, or skim along the water's surface at incredible speeds...dragonflies and damselflies form an important part of wetland wildlife. Come splash in the puddles of fact and fiction !
10 Q
Jul 16 01
1704 plays
16 It's a Sting in the Tail
I dislike wasps, so I thought I'd learn a little more about them and share the knowledge. Hope you learn something new too! This is a quiz about social wasps. Hope you enjoy it.
10 Q
May 31 08
732 plays
17 Termites: The Silent Invader
Termites provide a significant ecological function, however, they can also cause untold damage for unsuspecting humans. Here are just a few questions on the mighty termite!
10 Q
Mar 02 11
327 plays
18 Identify That Bug!
This quiz is all about classification (Orders and Families). Join me as I explore the amazing world of insects around me. **Based on a true story** (This quiz is designed for novice insect enthusiasts)
10 Q
Jul 10 10
420 plays
19 Insects
How much do you know about the insect world?
15 Q
Nov 03 00
5397 plays
20 Toasting the Queen
Do you toast the queen? This and other honeybee-related questions are considered in this quiz.
10 Q
Mar 12 14
255 plays
21 Coleoptera: the wonderful world of beetles!
"The beetles are at once absolutely typical of, and unique among, the Insects". --Roy Crowson, The Biology of the Coleoptera
10 Q
Aug 19 02
1248 plays
22 You Want Flies With That?
Living in Australia there is one thing we have all learned to put up with - flies! Of course we don't like them but its a fact of life that they are here. So here is a quiz all about flies. Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 13 13
294 plays
23 Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!
"Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" Do you know the facts about these creepiest of critters?
10 Q
Jan 19 13
396 plays
24 Really Bugging Me
This quiz is on a variety of insect topics. Some questions are a little easier than others. I hope you learn something new!
10 Q
Aug 21 07
1095 plays
25 Camel Crickets - What's up with them?
This is a quiz about camel crickets. Brought to you by Polaris101's Quiz Challenge. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jul 23 09
369 plays
26 So How Does a Bee Fly?
Ever wonder how does a bee fly? This is a 10 question test of knowledge of the honey bee. This is my first quiz and is in response to an author's challenge. I hope you enjoy it and learn a few things!
10 Q
Jan 19 13
441 plays
27 All About Lovebugs -- the Insects, Not the Cars
Lovebugs are both a bane and a boon to the southern states of the United States. They eat rotting vegetation but also gum up motor vehicle paint jobs as well as can get stuck in vehicle engines.
10 Q
Oct 08 13
216 plays
28 Pesky Houseflies
We've all encountered houseflies in our lives, and probably had swatted them away. But, how much do you exactly know about this common pest?
10 Q
Apr 26 07
1275 plays
29 North American Insects
This is a quiz about insects found in North America.
10 Q
Oct 08 01
3144 plays
30 Bedbugs
Bedbugs! What do you know about them? Try this quiz and find out. You just might be surprised.
15 Q
May 02 11
498 plays
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