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Created by babyangie

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Scientists game quiz
"How well do you know Noted Scientists of the Past? Well here's your chance to prove what you know. It's not too tough if you know your scientists."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Invented Bunsen burner.
    Albert Claude
    Hienrich Hertz
    Robert Bunsen
    James Joule

2. Invented Bessemer steel-making process.
    Carl Jung
    Franz Mesmer
    Henry Bessemer
    Harlow Shapley

3. Known as founder of galvanism.
    Luther Burbank
    Pierre Curie
    Luigi Galvani
    Alexis Carrel

4. Proved value of the quantum theory.
    Josiah W. Gibbs
    Walter S. Reed
    James Franck
    Lee De Forest

5. Founder of the science of cybernetics.
    Otto Hahn
    Richard Feynman
    John Enders
    Norbert Wiener

6. Established chromosone theory of heredity.
    Thomas Morgan
    Justus Von Liebig
    Eugene Wigner
    Darly Chapin

7. Founder of analytical psychology.
    Carl Jung
    Carl Juno
    Jung Carl
    Jung Li

8. Discovered Uranus.
    William Herschel
    Albertus Magnus
    William Green
    Walter Brattain

9. Discovered Thallium.
    Niels Bohr
    Tom Mboya
    William Crookes
    A. C. Bequerel

10. Discovered the x-ray.
    William Long
    Wilhelm Roentgen
    Christopher Rungren
    Walter Reed

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