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Toronto Maple Leafs 2002-03

Created by Perseus99

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Toronto Maple Leafs  200203 game quiz
"A few questions about the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2002/2003 season."

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1. Who wore the number 20 before the signing of Ed Belfour?
    Robert Reichel
    Jonas Hoglund
    Alexei Ponikarovsky
    Jeff Farkas

2. Who were the alternate captains and the captain for the Leafs?
    Darcy Tucker, Shane Corson, Doug Gilmour
    Doug Gilmour, Bryan McCabe, Mats Sundin
    Gary Roberts, Bryan McCabe, Mats Sundin
    Alexander Mogilny, Tomas Kaberle, Gary Roberts

3. In opening day, the Leafs' top line of Tucker, Sundin, and Mogilny was known as the________line.
    Answer: (Three letter acronym, capitalize please)

4. Which roster player was traded to San Jose for Owen Nolan?
    Jonas Hoglund
    Shane Corson
    Karel Pilar
    Alyn McCauley

5. How many trades did the Leafs make in the 2003 trade deadline?

6. Against which team did Mats Sundin score his 1000th career point?
    New York Rangers

7. Who yielded the jersey number 11 to Nolan?
    Robert Svehla
    Alexei Ponikarovsky
    Nik Antropov
    Wade Belak

8. Which two members of the Leafs were nominated for an award in 2003?
    Ed Belfour, Mats Sundin
    Ed Belfour, Alexander Mogilny
    Mats Sundin, Alexander Mogilny
    Mats Sundin, Gary Roberts

9. How many games did rookie defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo play, with the Maple Leafs before being send back to the minors?

10. Toronto played Philadelphia in the playoffs and lost in 7 games.

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