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Cat Ballou

Created by scarltak

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Cat Ballou game quiz
"This quiz pays tribute to the sleeper hit of 1965 starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At what place and time does the movie take place?
    Wolf City, Colorado in 1892
    Wolf City, Wyoming in 1894
    Wolf City, Kansas in 1894
    Wolf City, Nebraska in 1892

2. There are two men who sing the narration throughout the movie. Who are they?
    Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.
    Danny Kaye and Frank Sinatra
    Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye
    Nat King Cole and Danny Kaye

3. The town's people are dressed in their finest. They walk along the streets looking very excited. A ladies group has a band and is playing a lively tune. Why are all these people so enthusiastic?
    There is a fair in town
    There is a barn dance
    A congressman has arrived to give a speech
    They are going to see a hanging

4. What is Cat doing in her cell?
    Sewing her dress
    Singing with the band outside

5. On the train, Uncle Jed is pretending to be a preacher in order to get Clay out of the sheriff's custody. Finish the line he says to the sheriff. "I have come to comfort the sinner and..."
    "Give hope to the hopeless."
    "Break out my nephew."
    "Spread the good news."
    "Return the stray lamb to the fold."

6. What was the name of the gun fighter that the Wolf City Development Company has hired to drive Frankie Ballou off of his land?
    Jim Strong
    Tim Strawn
    Kid Sheleen
    Kid Callahan

7. Who does Cat hire to protect her father from the gun fighter working for Wolf City Development?
    Jim Strong
    Tim Strawn
    Kid Sheleen
    Kid Callahan

8. Where do Cat and her gang go after leaving the ranch?
    Dodge City
    Dead Wood
    St. Louis

9. Who owns the Wolf City Development Company?
    Sir Samuel Percival
    Sir Harry Wolf
    Sir Harry Percival
    Sir Samuel Wolf

10. To save Cat from the hangman's noose, everyone has a job to do. Jackson drives the get-away hearse, Kid is their rear cover as they escape. What was Uncle Jed's job?
    To catch Cat
    To cut the rope
    To distract the sheriff
    To help Kid

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Compiled Jun 28 12