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Colorado Rockies Baseball

Created by Dash_Lane

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Colorado Rockies Baseball game quiz
"A quiz on the short history of the Colorado Rockies franchise."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What pitcher is credited with the first regular season win in a Colorado Rockies uniform?
    David Neid
    Bill Swift
    Bryn Smith
    Bruce Ruffin

2. Who hit the Rockies' first regular season home run?
    Dante Bichette
    Andres Galaragga
    Eric Young
    Gerald Clark

3. Who was the first Rockie to win MVP of the National League while in a Rockies uniform?
    Andres Galaragga
    Todd Helton
    Larry Walker
    Ellis Burks

4. Before Shawn Chacon, what Rockies pitcher held the record for most victories before the all-star break?
    Willie Blair
    Kevin Ritz
    Mike Hampton
    Roger Bailey

5. Who was the Rockies' 1993 starting third baseman?
    Answer: (Two Words or just surname)

6. Who was the Rockies' #1 pick in the expansion draft?
    Andres Galaragga
    John Thomson
    Dante Bichette
    David Neid

7. What manager succeeded Don Baylor?
    Answer: ( two words or surname)

8. Which Rockie, set a single season team record for saves?
    Darren Holmes
    Jose Jimenez
    Dave Veres
    Curtis Leskanic

9. What 1993 Rockie was drafted from the Japanese leagues?
    Gerald Clark
    Charlie Hayes
    Alex Coles
    Bruce Ruffin

10. What 1993 Rockie fell just short of hitting 400 career home runs in a Rockies uniform?
    Answer: (Two words or surname)

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Compiled Jun 28 12