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I Now Pronounce You Husband And Wife

Created by pennie1478

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I Now Pronounce You Husband And Wife game quiz
"Which couple said 'I do' and which couple said 'I don't'? Here is the first of two quizzes about famous soap opera weddings."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When this couple got married, the groom read the grocery list thinking they were his vows.
    Mason and Julia
    Bo and Hope
    Cass and Frankie
    Michael and Vanessa

2. After being thought dead for five years, this woman renewed her wedding vows to her husband with her mother and two children in attendance.
    Ian and Eve
    Ben and Vicky
    Edmund and Maria
    Sonny and Carly

3. This couple was married in a black-out surrounded by their friends and family.
    Josh and Reva
    Nikki and Victor
    Carly and Jack
    Ridge and Taylor

4. A double wedding ceremony was supposed to happen for this couple, but her nephew and his sister called off their wedding causing this couple to do the same.
    Luis and Sheridan
    Ethan and Theresa
    Bo and Hope
    Jack and Jennifer

5. In their New Year's Eve wedding ceremony in 2001, the groom told the bride he didn't love her anymore.
    Antonio and Keri
    Kevin and Lucy
    Dimitri and Erica
    Lucky and Elizabeth

6. This wedding ceremony became the second time around for this couple who met each other in a club where she stripped for a living.
    Tom and Margo
    Victor and Nikki
    Eric and Stephanie
    Nick and Sharon

7. During a Heavenly ceremony is when this couple married each other.
    Luis and Sheridan
    Grace and Sam
    John and Isabella
    Ryan and Vicky

8. Little Richard serenaded this couple as they danced down the aisle.
    Tad and Dixie
    Luke and Laura
    Bo and Nora
    Rafe and Alison

9. This couple renewed their vows in a gazebo shortly after their first marriage and the bride wore black.
    Thorne and Macy
    Craig and Barbara
    Nick and Sharon
    Craig and Rosanna

10. At this couple's wedding they made a flower arrangement with a flower that represented each of their children.
    Olivia and Gregory
    Ivy and Julian
    John and Marlena
    Alice and Tom

11. Cold feet struck this bride just as she was about to walk down the aisle causing her to run out of the chapel.
    Antonio and Keri
    Rafe and Livvie
    Erica and Chris
    Ned and Alexis

12. This woman was walked down the aisle by her enemy who was also her mother-in-law.
    Thorne and Brooke
    Nick and Sharon
    Jake and Molly
    Edmund and Cassie

13. This couple has had two very suspenseful weddings in their lifetime. Their first wedding took place in a Wild West Arena and their second wedding took place on their talk show.
    Felicia and Mitch
    Jack and Jennifer
    Julian and Rebecca
    Bo and Hope

14. An Angel helped this man and woman become husband and wife on Christmas Eve of 2001.
    Eric and Tad
    Kevin and Lucy
    Sonny and Carly
    Rafe and Alison

15. This woman's dream wedding came true when she was married in a snow fall with farm animals present.
    Josh and Reva
    Paul and Christine
    Simon and Katie
    Ridge and Taylor

16. The man's presumed dead wife caught the bouquet at his wedding reception that his new wife invited her to.
    Bo and Billie
    Ben and Meg
    Cass and Frankie
    Mac and Rachel

17. A busted water pipe caused by the husband planting a tree for his new bride started out this couple's wedding day.
    Jason and Courtney
    Tad and Dixie
    Rafe and Alison
    Tad and Liza

18. A psychotic ex-wife shooting her ex-husband ruined this couple's wedding day.
    Clark and Sally
    Jack and Carly
    Danny and Michelle
    Ryan and Victoria

19. This supercouple was married on a cliff outside of an old inn where they spent their honeymoon.
    John and Isabella
    Amanda and Cameron
    Gary and Josie
    Cruz and Eden

20. Because the actress was pregnant in real life, this soap opera couple was married while the woman was in a hospital bed.
    Edmund and Maria
    Mateo and Hayley
    Luke and Laura
    Elizabeth and Rick

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