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"Boy Meets World" Quiz

Created by kriss126

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Boy Meets World' Mixture - Difficult/Tough
Boy Meets World Quiz game quiz
"Hey! I am obsessed with "Boy Meets World". This is my 2nd "Boy Meets World" quiz! Hopefully it is harder than my first one! Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was Shawn's soap opera name in "Everybody Loves Stuart"?
    Answer: (Three Words)

2. When Jim Abbot comes to visit Cory and Eric in "Class Preunion", Cory calls all his friends. They all bring baseballs except Minkus, what kind of ball does he bring?
    Beach Ball

3. What gift does Wendy give to Cory when they are dating in "Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard To Do"?
    She doesn't give him any gifts
    Promise ring

4. Cory and Shawn fix Frankie up with Harley's girfriend Maria in "Cyrano".

5. What is the name of the school that has the dance that Cory and Topanga go to seperately as other people in "The Grass is Always Greener"?
    John Adams

6. In "He Said She Said", Shawn gets a ticket to go to Paris, Texas, however the ticket says TX. What does Shawn think the TX stands for?
    Answer: (3 letter word)

7. In "Truth and Consequences", Topanga interviews the school crossing guard, what is his book called?
    "The Adventures of a School Crossing Guard"
    "Life as a Crossing Guard"

8. Which episode had a scene that begged ABC to put "Boy Meets World" back at the 8:30 timeslot?
    "Pairing Off"
    "Brother Brother"
    "Shallow Boy"
    "Picket Fence"

9. In "Sixteen Candles and Four-Hundred Pound Men", what show do Cory and Shawn base their little scheme on?
    "The Flintstones"
    "Johnny Quest"
    "The Jetsons"

10. In "Chick Like Me", Shawn's name as a girl is Veronica. What is Cory's name?
    Answer: (4 letter word-like his name)

11. In "Quiz Show", who is Braniac 14?
    Answer: (Cory, Shawn, or Topanga?)

12. In "It's Not You...It's Me", Topanga says to Cory and Shawn, "Stop it, you're boys!"

13. In "I Love You Donna Karen", what does Shawn find that makes him fall in love with a girl he doesn't know?

14. In "Last Tango in Philly", Cory, Shawn, Jack, Eric, Alan, and Feeny all dance on stage in the club because as Eric puts it "Since the beginning of time, men have been idiots!"

15. In "And Then There Was Shawn", which of these characters gets killed?

16. Cory is the first one to propose.

17. Which song do Cory and Topanga sing when they go to the karaoke bar in "Cutting the Cord"?
    "The World's Greatest
    "I've Got You Babe"
    "A Moment Like This"

18. In "They're Killing Us", which of these is not an issue dealt with while planning the wedding?
    They can't set a date
    Cory doesn't want Eric as the best man
    The bridesmaids hate their dresses
    Topanga doesn't want to wear Amy's dress from the Civil War

19. Finish this quote that Plays with Squirrels (Eric) says in "Seven the Hard Way": "I married a moose..."
    "...we had 3 children"
    "...her name is Moosey"
    "...but we're divorcing"
    "...we don't need counseling"

20. What does Cory say to his little brother Josh in "Brave New World 2"?
    "I love you little bro"
    "Try to avoid having Feeny as your teacher"
    "I'm gonna miss you"
    "Boy Meets World, now I get it"

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Compiled Jun 28 12