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This Is the Place

Created by WilkeCollins

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Utah
This Is the Place game quiz
"This quiz will take you on a tour of one of the most beautiful states of our country and one with a wonderful history."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The State of Utah is world-renowned for its snow, but which resort hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics Men and Women's Downhill competition?
    Park City

2. Which of the following Mormon temples was the first to be completed in the state of Utah?
    Salt Lake
    St. George

3. Which of the following native American tribes does not have reservation lands within the State of Utah?

4. What do Utahns celebrate on July 24th?
    Utah Statehood
    The arrival of the seagulls to eat all the crickets
    The arrival of the pioneers to the Salt Lake Valley
    Brigham Young's birthday

5. Which of the following statements about the Uinta Mountains is not true?
    They lie along an East-West axis.
    They are the mountain range closest to Moab.
    They are home to Utah's highest peak.
    They lie to the East of the Wasatch Range

6. What spectacular Utah landmark was shown to "white men" by Jim Mike in 1909?
    Zion Canyon
    Delicate Arch
    Rainbow Bridge
    Great Salt Lake

7. Which of the following statements about Utah is true (as of 2003)?
    You cannot buy beer at a convenience store in Utah.
    Utah residents consume more jello per capita than any other state's.
    Brigham Young was born in Utah.
    There are more Utah households with cable television than with computers.

8. True or False: Brigham Young University is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of Utah.

9. Most people know that the state bird is the California seagull and the state flower is the sego lily, but what is the state cooking pot?
    Chinese wok
    Dutch oven

10. What is the only National Historic Site in the state of Utah?
    Answer: (Two Words (all you engineers should get this one))

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Compiled Jun 28 12