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Genesis Jeopardy

Created by preacher101

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Genesis
Genesis Jeopardy game quiz
"The answer is provided; you find the right question. Scriptures are from KJV."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. He was the father of Mahalaleel.
    Who was Seth?
    Who was Enosh?
    Who was Cainan?
    Who was Jared?

2. His descendants were cursed because he looked at his naked father.
    Who was Shem?
    Who was Noah?
    Who was Ham?
    Who was Japheth?

3. It was the first out of the ark.
    What was a dove?
    What was a raven?
    What was a pigeon?
    What was a sparrow?

4. This man's son built Babel.
    Who was Nimrod?
    Who was Cush?
    Who was Noah?
    Who was Javan?

5. The amount of righteous people that the Lord wouldn't destroy Sodom for.
    What was 10?
    What was 5?
    What was 20?
    What was 15?

6. She was Jacob's daughter.
    Who was Tamar?
    Who was Rebekah?
    Who was Rachel?
    Who was Dinah?

7. The place where Rebekah's nurse was buried.
    What was Kiriathjearim?
    What was Allon Bachuth?
    What was Baal Perezim?
    What was Ramoth-Gilead?

8. A son of Jacob.
    Who was Jonathan?
    Who was Eleazar?
    Who was Ephraim?
    Who was Jochshan?

9. Where Jacob settled in Egypt.
    Where was Canaan?
    Where was Goshen?
    Where was Shechem?
    Where was Succoth?

10. Where Jacob was buried.
    What is Goshen?
    What is Machpelah?
    What is Abel Mizraim?
    What is Macah?

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Compiled Aug 05 13